10 new tracks from rock, R&B and hip-hop artists


Lenny Kravitz -

Lenny Kravitz – “Raise the vibrations”
Screenshot: Youtube

Sweet mother of all that is sacred, someone is calling the police “in my feelings” (but not the racists) because for some reason #HotGirlSummer left the chat this week and #SadBitchSummer entered.

Okay maybe not #SadBitchSummer but it’s very clear that this week the artists are taking a break from the supercharged tracks that have topped the charts and slowed it down a bit for those in their bag.

But I digress. We have a new Doja and Tyler’s albums, eagerly awaited for two years,and tracks from each of our favorite Smith siblings, both of which give off “angry teenage” vibes (but in a good way). Jazmine Sullivan is also back with a follow-up from Tales of Heaux, which makes me think that another EP is coming in the near future because we have a global storyline across several projects.

And if you pay your attention to the photo above you’ll find our rock’n’roll savior, Lenny Kravitz, waist-deep in a new video for “Raise Vibration” directed by Mark Seliger in the Bahamas.

I want to be where he is, to be honest, but since I can’t be in the Bahamas, or in some weird dystopian ancient Greece (I’m going to give you three guesses on who’s in this video) I’m just going to replay this week’s featured songs on repeat.


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