AEW’s Jon Moxley raves about Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”

AEW wrestler Jon Moxley just posted his highly anticipated, self-written memoir MOX. In the first pages of the book, AEW’s gritty brawler yells at Slayer and Metallica, raving about the albums Reign in blood and Puppeteer.

Moxley (WWE fka Dean Ambrose) is currently on leave from All Elite Wrestling to focus on his recovery from alcohol addiction. AEW as a company has been extremely supportive of Mox during this difficult time, as has the entire artists’ locker room.

While Moxley can’t currently celebrate the release of his first book, metalheads can celebrate that he’s one of us. When training at FCW (WWE Developmental Territory), Moxley’s strength and conditioning trainer set the mood for high intensity workouts with Slayer.

“When we started a workout he had put for example, Slayer, Reign in blood, 1986, ”writes Moxley. “Rob would explain the history of the album, the state of the music when it was recorded and its cultural impact. Now when that training session started and the notes for the first track came through the speakers… in this case, “Angel of Death”, we were locked in, we were focused. No distractions, no outside interruptions, we were listening Reign in blood and pumping F’n iron. “

Mox also writes on the first album he has ever owned, Metallica’s Puppeteer. He grabbed the album when he was in fifth grade, noting that the entire record is a killer from start to finish.

Puppeteer begins with 38 seconds of Spanish guitar: relaxing, soft. You can imagine Catherine Zeta-Jones sniffing romneya flowers in the mask of zorro, you enjoy a good breeze… then BAM! … The rest of the opening track, ‘Battery’, announces its presence with a grandiose electric guitar. Then it just becomes nasty F’n.

Moxley continues, “The album doesn’t let go from there: the classic title track, the scary ‘Welcome Home (Sanitarium).’ “Disposable Heroes” rips straight into “Leper Messiah”. These two songs always seemed like a long song to me. Then it’s the epic and inspiring “Orion”, which showcases the bass of the legendary Cliff Burton, then we end with “Damage Inc”, which starts with what I thought were whale sounds before we faced you. with nasty, aggressive words, shameless metal headbangery. This album F’n reigns.

To retrieve a copy of MOX, Click here.

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