After the Evolution sign with Wormholedeath

Female-fronted symphonic metal discovery After Evolution has signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album “War Of The Worlds”, which is slated for release June 17, 2022.

In this video After Evolution announces the signing:

You may ask, “Who are they?” Where do they come from?” and the answer is simple. we have come here to earth from afar, to tell you the story of our world and how we were born into it.

Each of us was born in a different year, at a different time, under a different star, moon and sun to connect our destinies into one.

We are the storytellers, the ancestors, the wanderers of the universe and of time, the artists bringing together the melodies of darkness and light, of death and life, of hope and despair. and fire and ice…
We are after evolution.

Finding each other was not easy at all. It all started one day, when Nikolette met Michael. They knew their meeting meant so much more, but for all the truth to be revealed, they needed to find the other two born.

It was the year 2013 when Nikolette and Michael started collecting the fragments of memories before the great rebirth. Piece by piece and part by part of the single memory was written in melody and poetry bound together. Nikolette and Michael met many lost souls but none were reborn. So, after a while, they went their own way in life.
When the year 2016 came around, Michael and Nikolette decided to reveal the part of their threnodies to the world. People liked their melodies accompanied by ancient stories from the other world, so they kept writing more and more of their history. Also at the end of the same year, Nikolette and Michael found the third reborn named Adam, so they continued their journey side by side. The past melodies spread very quickly, so many important and well-known collectors of ancient stories, art and melodies wanted to help After Evolution on their way and spread their stories around the world. So Nikolette, Michael and Adam along with another lost soul agreed and decided to travel to greater Italy to imprint their history of dark melodies and ancient power in the memory of the world forever.

It was the year 2018, hot summer days, when After Evolution finished the big reveal of the truth and with the last drop of ink on the paper they finished the last note in most of their history and their past. Unfortunately, this lost soul was not ready for the journey of After Evolution, so he left when he saw the way and went his own way. The path has become really complicated. But they didn’t give up and went on their way even though it was full of thorns and pain. They followed their destiny.

On their journey to imprint their story written in melodies to the eternity of the world, they met a brave traveler named Ilya, who helped them complete the rest of their journey and battle monsters along the way. At the end of the road, he went his own way, and After Evolution went on an expedition to find the last lost reborn. The missing piece of After Evolution.

Later that year in 2018, the lost fourth reborn, vitek was found and continued his journey with the rest of the reborns, after evolution and their destiny were fulfilled. They were able to connect all the fragments of their memories and complete the story of the ancient world where they came from. They discovered who they really are and their true abilities.

Over time there were many ancient art thieves who wanted to steal some of their magic and treasures, but that never really happened, things got a bit complicated when protecting their secrets. After Evolution finished their entire story, they collected and connected with their ancient power all the memory fragments together. All of this creating was so exhausting for them that After Evolution fell into deep rest and recovery to re-energize and restore full power and inspiration to them. When the dark times passed, After Evolution, with a clear spirit and full of energy, was ready to accept its fate and share its story with the world and spread the enchanting melodies once again.

With the year 2022, they shared with the world the story of the great war of the ancient world and the songs of the war of the worlds launched by the world

Musical Inspiration:
My inspiration is in epic orchestral music like movie or game soundtracks for example – Two steps from hell, Audiomachine, Hans Zimmer, Ivan Torrent etc. I was fascinated by Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation and Epica because they linked orchestras and metal elements and I really liked that. So I knew I wanted to play symphonic metal but more symphonic, more like epic orchestral metal, so all instruments like guitars, drums and also vocals are composed on the orchestral basis and not the other way around.

Everyone was asking us “what does AFTER EVOLUTION mean?” and I didn’t know why they were asking me that, to be honest because I’ve never seen anyone ask Nightwish what his name means. But I thought “ok, I’m going to give meaning to my band” and I created a whole story about who we are and what our music is about. I love fantasy stories and most of my time I’m in the clouds with my head so why not. So I started creating a storyboard and slowly connecting the story to the music.

I created the whole story in about 2 weeks, then the music work was next on the list, so I separated the story parts into 11 sections to create 11 music parts for the album. I stopped at each section and imagined the main character’s feelings and the environment and what’s going on and tried to feel everything like I was there to match the music and the orchestras with that sense of history. When I created the orchestras, I already had in mind the melody of the vocals and an idea of ​​how the guitars and drums should sound. When it was ready, I went back to the sheet of paper where I had written what this part was about and started writing the lyrics. This is really my favorite part because I like to write in contrasts if possible and some poetic puzzles to think about for example: “red roses fall on cold white snow” means in my writing style: blood that falls on the ground – I really like to do this kind of texts if I have a space for that. Some lyrics just describe what’s going on and the story and some are more poetic, it really depends on the mood of the song. This is how I develop and create the music and its concept, etc.

Line up:
Nikolette Olsson: Singer, Composer, Piano
Michal Matzner: Guitars
Adam Bitto: Bass
Vic Janas: Drums

List of songs from “War of the Worlds”:
1) War of the Worlds
2) The Path
3) Cursed
4) Liber Fortitudinis / The Book of Destiny
5) Once upon a time
6) Last Hope
7) In chains
8) Dark Side
9) Endless Flames
10) Nothing but pain
11) Victory

Trailer of the album “The War of the Worlds”:

Press release courtesy of Carlo Bellotti Editions

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