Album review: Maroon 5 – Jordi


Album review: Maroon 5 - Jordi

Group of pop superstars are “stepping out of their comfort zone”

After four years since their last release, Maroon 5’s latest album, Jordi, It may seem like a necessary dive into experimentation, but instead it feels like an album desperately trying to appeal to as many demographics as possible.

Throughout their careers, Maroon 5 has made its way into background music, as their pop songs play in local Starbucks stores. The group searches for every new trend that emerges to maintain its relevance by strategically collaborating with the hottest R&B rappers and singers and pairing it with an EDM-inspired sound. Jordi is not below this model. However, this album is more dispersed than their previous albums with its inharmonious characteristics.

Debut with rising rapper Megan Thee Stallion, the single “Beautiful Mistakes” accentuates the warm guitar strings that dominated the airwaves in 2017; and the typical soft-pop vocal melody of “nah nah nah”. This starts the project off strongly, in particular with the choice to stage such a dominant artist of the current era. However, Megan’s flow and lyricism are somewhat drowned out because of the chords and melody. This song is proof of the strategic placement of tracks and features that Maroon 5 uses to create higher streaming revenue.

As one of the album’s most heartfelt singles, “Nobody’s Love” was written during the summer 2020 division times to remind the world of “the mighty power of love,” according to the post. Adam Levine’s Instagram. “I hope ‘Nobody’s Love’ is a song that can give everyone a moment of peace and reflection during this unprecedented moment in the history of our world,” Levine wrote.

The track “One Light” attempts to create an afrobeat sound with Caribbean-style production and melodies. With Bantu, the 13-piece band specializing in Afrofunk, Afrobeat, Highlife and Yoruba music, “One Light” is an extreme contrast to the rest of the album. While it does mix up some elements of pop music, it sounds a lot different from what you would expect in a Maroon 5 project.

Deeper in the album, Jordi shockingly features posthumous verses from two rappers who died in “Can’t Leave You Alone” and “Memories Remix”. Both being heartfelt songs, one is about love interest and the other is about loss. Starring late rapper / pop artist Juice WRLD, “Can’t Leave You Alone” has a very trendy feel. “Memories Remix”, dedicated to the manager of Maroon 5, who died suddenly in 2017, stars the late rapper Nipsey Hussle and YG. As Levine projects “Memories Bring You Back,” a soft, popping background flows to create a more upbeat beat rather than a morbid sound.

Elsewhere, “Convince Me Another” features contemporary R&B singer HER, setting a completely unexpected tone in the middle of the album. It feels like a coming-of-age movie where the main character and the lover slowly dance in the park in the rain. While the lyrics are meant to be a back-and-forth argument between a couple, HER’s melodic voice meshing with the rising beat gives it a fun and romantic feel.

Revisiting their grief for their lost loved one, “Remedy” emphasizes depressing emotions through its lyrics but in a pop musical fashion. It’s hard to say how morbid the lyrics are because it sounds like a song to dance to. Not only that, but it features Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Stevie Nicks, which makes the lyricism even more entertaining. The guitar strummings throughout the song are quite reminiscent of the general Fleetwood Mac sound, which would be very popular with old-school fans of Nicks.

Jordi is packed with dominant features and is true to the synth sounds of trendy pop. Obviously, Maroon 5 is tackling all of the most popular sounds to intrigue as many markets as a group can. The tone of each song changes from one to the next, making it almost unpredictable as an album as a whole. However, at the same time, the pop feel and hook for trendy and relatable lyrics feels pretty worded and predictable. The only common theme to remember Jordi is the respectable intention to recognize the darker sides of life.



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