All Access Music Austin-based rock band WHITE LABEL ANALOG shares the story behind the latest ‘curves’

February saw the four-piece rock band Analog in white label share their first release of the year with the instantly infectious “Curves.” With more relaxed and subtle tones than most of their previous releases, “Curves” follows the line of the original yet instantly familiar. As the opening “ooh-oohs” begin, the listener is drawn in and welcomed as the lead singer Chris Didar sing “you’re not alone” in the chorus. Besides being a new sound for the band, Didar explains how the song differs from their other songs. He details the story below in a All access look behind the song.

Single illustration for “Curves”

DIDEAR: “I’ve collaborated with many different songwriters over the years in other bands and musical projects. Honestly, I’m not the greatest guitarist, so I tend to write with others who know how to play guitar much better than me. However, for “Curves” I wanted to see what I could do mostly on my own to challenge myself. My first instrument and musical passion started with drums. Therefore, I tend to pay close attention to rhythms when I’m listening or writing. The fundamentals of rhythm and vocal signature are the main things I gravitate towards, and I think that’s also what music fans tend to focus in. Groove and vocals can really give a song a cool vibe and complement each other. Logic Pro X like my JACKDAW of choice and created the rhythm of “Curves” from scratch. Once the tempo and groove felt right, I started layering vocal melodies as an intro. Using a bunch of harmonies, octaves and melodic variations, it started to take on an airy choir feel. That’s when I realized I also wanted to use the same idea as the final outro, so there was a great intro that caught your ear as well as a familiar resolution.

I then started adding keyboard/synth parts which included violins and had enough backbone to start formulating vocal ideas. As it started to come together, I added guitar and bass sections and then worked on putting the lyrics together. I wanted to convey something that would have a positive message that listeners could universally relate to. Everyone experiences difficulties at times in their life, like me. Sometimes you just need to lean on those around you when you might not feel strong enough to go it alone. As with everything WLAThe music for “Curves” went through a series of iterations to arrive at its final version. Heather and I collaborated back and forth with Logic project files until we feel like it’s in the right place. We then recorded it at Ice Cream Factory Studio in Austin, TX with Matt Parmentier (Quiet Company, Chrysta Bell) and had it shuffled by Carl Bahner (St. LUCIA, Joywave) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.”

A huge congratulations to Chris Didar for sharing the story behind the song and congratulations on nailing the guitar for this one. Keep up to date with the group below and stay tuned for a story from the road appearing on All access in the next weeks.

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