Anime Fans Rejoice For Upcoming SlamDunk Movie

Nostalgia Hits SlamDunk Fans With New Movie

From: Julien Cardenas

Weebs and Otakus who grew up in the 1980s-1990s will have the best Christmas season ever as the popular sports anime Slam dunk returns after 27 years of silence as it premieres a new, modernized film set to be released on December 3.

Shohoku top team players (L to R: Ryota Miyagi, Hisashi Mitsui, Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa) (source: Weekly Shonen Jump magazine)

Third generation anime fans are individuals who grew up in the 1980s to 1990s and have very fond memories of the popular sports anime Slam Dunk where the story follows Sakuragi Hanamichi, a young delinquent who enters a new high school where he meets a girl named Haruko Akagi whom he immediately developed feelings for, so he entered the basketball team which was led by Haruko’s brother whom an ambitious man and wants his team to play in the inter-top tournament. Sakuragi teamed up with him and learned to bond with his teammates as they made their way to the finals, while learning and growing closer to each other in team unity.

Jed Kendrick has been a lifelong fan of the show since watching it for the first time since his high school days, and like many fans, he expressed his delight at the epic return of his favorite show and reflected. to his future.

There are still many stories to be told, many unanswered questions. People created their own fan fiction based on that. How would they evolve professionally? Will they even be good players in the Pros? We all need that happily ever after story and I think there’s still a lot of work to be done on that,” said Kendrick.

Fans will see their favorite Shutoku players at the highest level of definition and animation, as Toei Animation and Dandelion Animation Studio will take care of rendering the characters, both studios are known for popular series such as Dragon ball, Toriko and Transformers.

Mangakka and creator Takehiko Inoue will take the reins as the film’s director and screenwriter.

Nostalgia immediately consumed the Slam Dunk fanbase as supportive comments and even fan crushes were declared across all social media platforms, as seen with the masses of emojis and heart gifs beneath. the newly released teasers featuring high definition portraits of the main characters such as the titular protagonist. Sakuragi Hanamichi.

Filipino streaming sites and cinemas would no doubt be packed this December to see the story of their favorite fictional basketball team continued into the modern era.

Julian Cardenas is an intern for Manila Standard at UST. He writes for the lifestyle section while contributing to the social media department

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