Award-Winning Rock Duo ‘Follow No One’ Breaks Industry Norms With Cinematic Rock Album ‘Fate’

Industry insiders describe it as a cross between Queensryche and Styx with a hard rock core; Follow No One brings back the classic and hard rock sounds that defined an era while adding their unique twist to the genre.

Named Best Rock Act of 2019 at the JMA Awards in Nashville, next up for Follow No One is the Grammys. After listening to their latest industry-leading project, it’s clear the duo need to make room on the prize mantle for more material.

Follow No One is made up of two industry leaders, Pedro Murino Almeida and Rich Hall. Originally from Portugal, Almeida is a classically trained composer and guitar virtuoso who works in film and video and has found success in his musical acts. Lead vocalist Hall is an American-born singer-songwriter who made his mark in theater at a young age and discovered that his powerfully melodic voice was a perfect match for rock.

Together, Follow No One are changing the rock industry today with their empty 90s grunge sound and screaming vocals. Instead, they weave together the most significant elements of rock’s past and present into an exciting brand of rock music that spans generations.

Follow No One is forging its own path as its name suggests, as evidenced by its forthcoming album, “Fate”. Written, performed and produced by the duo, “Fate” is a heavy rock album that transitions into melodic rock and ends with an epic finale.

While many artists are releasing albums, “Fate” is a game-changer in the 17-track industry.

As a concept album of cinematic hard rock, “Fate” takes listeners into the true story of Hall. As a husband, father, military veteran and business executive, he grew from a man who seemed to have it all. Suddenly he lost everything. From Hall’s deathbed to reclaiming his life, “Fate” chronicles his journey.

While “Fate,” the album is set to hit all streaming platforms on May 13. Each track is based on style and tempo, using different techniques to give the album its unique feel. The plot unfolds as the music adds drama and emphasis to every lyric from track to track. Ensuring listeners understand the story, Follow No One adds audio scenes and flashbacks to wrap listeners in the storyline.

Currently, Follow No One is giving fans a little taste of “Fate” in their YouTube streaming preview video. Like a movie trailer, the video is a must-see teaser.

Released on April 8, the self-titled single “Fate” is a rhetorical song that makes fans reflect on their lives. Addressing listeners as only he can, Hall asks the question: Was it fate all along or something we created? We didn’t end up together, but was that because it was fate, or did we just screw things up.

Hall adds that fans can join their mailing list for the scoop on music events and releases with more surprises ahead of the album’s release. A quick visit to the group’s website provides inside information and registration details.

Follow No One is not a retro rock band. They incorporate the greatest elements of rock n roll past and present into a new brand of authentic rock that blends jaw-dropping guitar work and distinct vocal styles.

Be sure to stay tuned to Follow No One on all platforms for new music, videos and social posts.

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