Azuki Reveals Three New Manga Licenses at Anime Expo 2022

Disclosure: Three former Crunchyroll employees are among the founders of Azuki.

Digital manga subscription service Azuki revealed three new manga licenses during its Anime Expo 2022 industry panel today. The next titles to make their way to Azuki are Bachi Miyako’s manga adaptation of Aresanzui’s romantic comedy light novel series. Turn the tables on the Seatmate Killer!the mysterious piece from Natsumi Ito’s period My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Files and Invisible Paradea collection of manga shorts by painter and independent comic artists MISSISSIPPI (Tsukiko and the Satellite and Other Stories).

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The first on Azuki’s website and app is Invisible Parade (from Glacier Bay Books), the first chapters of which are available now and more will be added in the coming weeks.

Both Turn the tables on the Seatmate Killer! and My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Files will launch in August and new chapters will be released weekly until Azuki catches up with the Japanese release and switches to a SimulPub schedule.

Turn the tables on the Seatmate Killer! synopsis:

Yuuki Narito’s new seatmate, Yui Takatsuki, is the notorious “Seatmate Killer”, who chains up guys before breaking their hearts. But Yuuki is so distraught that he may be immune to her charms! So begins a fierce competition between two seat neighbors in this hilarious romantic comedy.

My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Files synopsis:

Mitsuko is Japan’s first female detective in the turbulent 1920s! When a handsome student shows up with a new case, he ends up being his new assistant. Join Mitsuko and Saku as they solve cases, explore the shifting cultural landscape of early Showa Japan, and maybe get a little closer along the way in this trendy mystery series.

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