Balasubrahmanya Kasyap Kanakapuri talks about his recent release, Khoya Sa

Hyderabad-based Kasyap Kanakapuri considers age a mere number. He started playing the piano at the age of six and later (at age 17) worked on films like Asuran, Saaho, and Antariksham within the musical team. His first pop single, produced by Sony Music India label – Day One, Khoya Sa, a story about ‘love at first sight ‘, is out and we meet up with the musician to learn more about his song and his future projects. Extracts:

Can you tell us about your track Khoya Sa?

At the end of July of this year, I was playing with my guitar humming random lyrics and after a while the idea of Khoya Sa came to me. Then I chose my mic and recorded the entire song in just an hour. This must be my fastest composition. The song has an interesting infusion of elements. It’s a pop number at heart, but we used multiple guitar rhythms and also included bossa nova (a popular Brazilian musical trend, which is a mix of samba and jazz).

The song is also close to my heart since I was going through something similar in my personal life as well. I believe this is how the air was born.

Why did you choose a cafe to shoot the clip?

The way the song was written and composed, a coffee seemed like the right backdrop for our clip. Plus, the idea of ​​falling in love at first sight over a cup of coffee seems like it could happen to a boy like me (laughs).

What does your thought process look like when working on a love song?

I think that in order to create a love song, the musician has to bring some of his personal experiences to the song. Whether it’s a cheerful number or a heart-wrenching melody, when the artist adds a personal touch it is reflected in his work. Khoya Sa is a sweet, innocent take on romance and born out of my own experiences.

After working simultaneously on independent songs and film scores, what do you think is your vocation?

Working on films is a unique experience. The exposure and experience one gets is limitless. While I would love to work (on more films) if a great opportunity and script presents itself, I think I would like to focus more on my independent music.

How did you come to music (as a career choice)?

I started when I was six and at first I even played a lot just to get attention in my circle of friends. While I was pretty serious about music, I also planned to sue CA. A year into the debut, I gave up and here I am – a full-time singer and songwriter.

Being a Hyderabadi, is there any chance that you tap into Telugu music?

Absoutely. What usually happens is that when I’m working on a song, I don’t approach it as a song in Hindi or English. I work first on the concept and then on the lyrics. So if my next song seems ideal for a Telugu lyric composition, then it will be a Telugu song.

Khoya Sa is streaming on all online platforms.

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