Billy Connolly reveals he can no longer use his left hand due to Parkinson’s disease and has quit playing instruments

BILLY Connolly has revealed that he can no longer use his left hand to play musical instruments because his Parkinson’s disease makes him shake so much.

The comedy legend has remained stoic since being diagnosed with a brain-damaging disease in 2013 – and told Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 he was thinking of sick children to deal with it.


Billy Connolly revealed he couldn’t use his left hand because of Parkinson’s

Big Yin, 72, said, “I try not to feel sorry for myself. I do this with the children in mind who are sick, and they take care of them, so the least I can do is keep going.

“I have good days and bad. I had a bad day today, when I got on the way here I was walking like a drunk man, but it healed on its own so I’m pretty happy.

“It’s a special disease, it strikes when you least expect it.

“My left hand is no longer useful to me, so I no longer play my instruments.”

Billy opened up about his battle in a new ITV documentary, My Absolute Pleasure, where he reveals he can no longer play the banjo.

Speaking today, he told Steve he found a way to come to terms with not being able to make music.

From his Florida home on Zoom, Billy said, “I just keep going without it. You have to let go of things. It attacks you, it attacks the songs you like and gets rid of them.

In the documentary, Billy continues, “I have to behave a certain way so my kids don’t think I’m lost. I want them to think, ‘He’s good with what he’s got’. “

The comedian was diagnosed in 2013


The comedian was diagnosed in 2013
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