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BRITNEY SPEARS hints that she’s working on new music. The 40-year-old pop star who was just released from a 13-year-old guardianship under her father’s control has spoken on social media, highlighting her accomplishments, calling her family and saying she will be his own pom -pom girl (NET NEWS 11/12).

SPEARS said in an article on INSTAGRAM: “I just read up on myself and this is what I found: multi-platinum pop icon and GRAMMY Award winner BRITNEY SPEARS is one of most famous and famous artists in pop history with nearly 100 million records sold worldwide. In the United States alone, she has sold over 70 million albums, singles and songs , according to NIELSEN MUSIC. SPEARS sold 33.6 million albums in the United States and was the 18th best-selling artist during the NIELSEN era. His songs attracted 25 billion cumulative radio audiences and 2.6 billion on-demand audio and video streams in the United States combined and it has sold 39.8 million singles (36.9 million via downloads). “

SPEARS went on to say that she remembered herself and the world who she was. “Yes… I’ll be my own cheerleader… why ???? I’m here to remind my ‘classic’ white family that I haven’t forgotten what they did to me and that I won’t forget never !!!! ⁣ “she continued adding,” Pssss new song in the works… I’ll let you know what I mean. “

Click here for a video of SPEARS working on vocal techniques.

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