‘Buffalo Crossing’ Combines Traditional North Cheyenne Art Forms With Symphonic Music | Local News

The program includes a work by composer Ilse-Mari Lee, “The Yellowstone Suite”, a symphonic poem evoking the beauty, serenity and timelessness of Yellowstone National Park.

“Living near Yellowstone National Park for over three decades, annual family trips to the park have always deeply inspired and moved me,” Lee said in a press release. “Although a lot has changed over the years, the park has remained the same and will always be a touchstone for us, as well as for our children and their children.”

Some movements from James Cockey’s Symphony No. 2, “Parmly’s Dream,” will add a city of Billings celebration to the evening’s offerings. The work is a series of 19 paintings from the life of Parmly Billings, whose father, Frederick Billings, was the chairman of the Northern Pacific Railroad and the namesake of Billings. The work was commissioned by the Western Heritage Center in Billings and premiered by the Billings Symphony Orchestra in September 2002.

The two tableaux selected to be performed on Saturday evening are derived from traditional Native American music with the guidance and collaboration of the famous Northern Cheyenne flautist, the late Joseph Firecrow. Cockey worked with Walter Runsabove, Firecrow’s successor and featured Native American flautist on the evening’s performance.

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