Cells at work! Code Black’s newest “bad guy” is erectile dysfunction

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Cells at Work Episodes 3 & 4! CODE BLACK, “The excitement, the swelling and the emptiness,“and” Forefront, Gonococi, and Conflict “, now streaming on Funimation.

Cells at work! CODE BLACK just released two consecutive episodes, focused on … sex. Specifically, both parties involve the host body engaging in sexual activities and the consequences of doing so when it is not in better health. CODE BLACK is rated as an R-rated show, citing that it will have more body horror than the main series, Cells at work!, and this recent batch of episodes proves the spin-off isn’t afraid to explore other “taboo” topics, like sex, STDs, and the issue of erectile dysfunction.

In fact, it can be difficult for some people to think about sex the same way after watching CODE BLACK Episodes 3 and 4, especially with sperm characterized as real babies. But just like the other episodes of the anime, the subject is treated with the same balance of education and entertainment as Cells at work! is known for, and Episode 3 just might be the icing on the cake.

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Important cell copulation mission fails

cells at work code for black spermatogonia

Red blood cells are gathered for one purpose in Episode 3: to help the body get an erection. At the signal, the red blood cells should rush into the penis, engulf the corpora cavernosa and produce an erection. It’s hard not to laugh, especially when you see all the red blood cells treating this like it’s their life’s mission and AA2153 admitting he’s “never had an erection”.

Cyclic GMPs are secreted once arousal is reached and it’s up to the red blood cells to push the walls open and maintain the pressure. While in line to deliver oxygen to the testes, the U-1196 saves AA2153 from a few red blood cell bullies. She and her friends take AA2153 to the nursery (testes) where the spermatogonia, anthropomorphized like babies, are stored in the epididymis. When he hears that these babies will later become semen, it fills him with hope. It’s not as easy as a simple erection – it’s about making sure new lives are born.

But things are getting … difficult. Or, at least, they are Assumed get hard. Red blood cells rush to the veins of the corpora cavernosa and separate them. One by one, they crawl through the tunnels, pushing the erection level to almost 80%. But things take a turn for the worse when they find that the levels start to drop, pushing out red blood cells and leaving many of them stuck in the veins due to erectile dysfunction. AA2153 refuses to retreat, determined to give new life to sperm. Fortunately for them, the host body takes Viagra and the erection is successful.

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The professions of white blood cells

cells at work white blood cells

Episode 4 takes on a decidedly more serious tone with gonococci, the bacteria that causes gonorrhea, invading the body. This is a horrible bunch, sporting fanged smiles and wearing armor, which makes them impossible for white blood cells to defeat. Each gonococcus they kill, two more appear. With gonococci making the rest of the cell’s life more difficult, especially in dire pre-existing conditions, doubt pervades their minds about the capabilities of white blood cells. All except AA2153.

White blood cells fight gonococci, but gonorrhea cannot be cured naturally, so there is no need: they cannot do anything inside the body. Despite this, they have to keep fighting because that’s all they’ve ever known. Even the white blood cell that was on the verge of death instinctively flies into battle to protect the red blood cells when they encounter the gonococci. It’s their job, but it’s also the very makeup of who they are.

It’s depressing to say the least for CODE BLACKThe characters are trapped in an endless and pointless cycle of trying to prevent a failing body from dying. No matter how unhealthy their body is, red blood cells have to provide oxygen while white blood cells have to kill germs.

What is even more disheartening is the end of Episode 4 when, in a movement of deus ex machina, the cells are saved when the host body takes penicillin, destroying the cell walls of the gonococci and allowing blood cells whites to eliminate them. It’s similar to what happened in Episode 3 – the erection was not the result of AA2153’s hard work; it’s because the host boy took Viagra. This reveals that if cells have any hope of improving their working lives, they will have to rely on their host body to take better care of themselves, and as it stands now, what is the likelihood of that? occur ?

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