Did you know that voice over artists can earn $ 30 an hour or more? This lesson kit can help you develop your own golden tones.


TLDR: With the Learn to Become a Successful Voice Over Artist course collection, you can develop your voice and start working as a professional voice actor.

Maybe you have a flair for the dramatic. Or maybe you are an actor at heart. Or maybe you just have a naturally sweet and creamy tone that makes people melt. As everyone uses their drive, intelligence, cunning, and more to make ends meet, all you need to create a nice little side activity for yourself may be your own distinctive voice.

Training in the Learn to Be a Successful Voice Over Artist package ($ 19.99, 84% off, from TNW Deals) can lead the way, with all the instruction and expertise needed to help quickly transform raw vocal talent into polished vocal artist. And considering that voice artists can do almost $ 35 an hour…or even much more… It could be the foundation of a new lucrative career.

This collection includes four courses filled with over 8 hours of content explaining the ins and outs of the medium and what a new voice actor needs to get started.

It starts with the confidence and seriousness to get noticed and appreciated. With the How To Have a Big Voice and Powerful Presence course, mild-mannered mumblers can become vocal supermen and women. If you think voiceover is for people born with golden pipes, this lineup proves that it doesn’t have to be. Renowned instructor and vocal artist Stan Hustad explains how to start doing the right exercises to build your vocal power, improve your distinctiveness, and transform your instrument into a voice that can actually make the money.

Then The Official DIY Guide to Voice Acting turns theory into practice, including the specifics of equipment and software, recording techniques, and marketing steps for voice over jobs to start working and start to grow. be paid.

And with additional training like How to Become a Successful Voiceover Artist, students can begin to develop the systems approach to making their mark in voiceover work, from creating the perfect demo reel to staying current. of what’s going on in the voiceover scene. , and become the professional voice actor you never imagined you would be. But now… you are.

Training for the Learn to Become a Successful Voice Over Artist collection would normally cost close to $ 130, but as part of this package, that’s it. available now for only $ 19.99.

Prices are subject to change


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