Dr Jenn responds to Farrah Abraham offering therapy on adult cam site

Dr Jenn responds to Farrah Abraham offering therapy on adult cam site

Former OG Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham raised a few eyebrows last week when she announced that she was currently offers sex, couples and family therapy via a half hour and one hour session on the adult streaming video site CamSoda. Farrah mentioned in her ad that she had “worked with some of the best sex therapists in the world” before mentioning her appearance on VH1 couple therapy with Dr Jenn More precisely. So what does Dr. Jenn think of Farrah’s latest business venture? We asked him everything in an exclusive interview!

As a quick reminder, Farrah Abraham appeared on VH1 couple therapy with Dr Jenn back in 2014. In an odd twist, Farrah appeared on her own on the show after her boyfriend, DJ Brian Dawes, allegedly ditched her just before filming. (The validity of Farrah’s relationship with Brian has been questioned, including by Brian himself.)

Whether or not Farrah and Brian were a legitimate couple before she arrived home, Farrah and Dr Jenn had very authentic therapeutic moments in which Farrah appeared to let her guard down and admit some serious issues she had when it came to sex and relationships. Many of her issues seemed to stem from her childhood and adolescence, and as a result, her sessions with Dr. Jenn would later include Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen.

Dr Jenn found Farrah onscreen as she negotiated a short-lived peace between Farrah and her Teen Mom OG co-stars Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra on the VH1 couple therapy with Dr Jenn Special reunion at the end of 2014. Two years later, Farrah and Dr Jenn sat down together to talk with the cameras rolling again – this time for MTV – as they were joined by Farrah’s boyfriend Simon Saran in an episode of the sixth season of Teen Mom OG.

Fast forward a few years and now we have Farrah offering sex and relationship therapy herself! The reality TV star announced last week that she is offering “private one-on-one sex and relationship therapy” to “couples, individuals and even family groups” through the adult streaming website Live Cam Link for $ 5,000 per half hour session. The announcement was quite controversial and many people responded with questions about Farrah’s qualifications and her extremely high hourly rate. So who better than Dr. Jenn herself to answer these questions?

How good would Farrah be a therapist (sex or relationship)?

People go to college to study psychology for two to four years, do 3,000 hours of clinical work under the supervision of a licensed therapist, and then take two very difficult licensing exams to become a therapist. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t had the education and training for the job is qualified. Let’s face it, what Farrah does on a webcam is not therapy. It’s entertainment. Millions of people have connected to Teen mom because she’s fun. I have no doubt that she has some great sex tips and techniques to share, but it’s not therapy.

The short time I was able to work on Farrah VH1 couple therapy with Dr Jenn barely scratched the surface. I was able to do a follow-up session with Farrah on Teen mom and always urged her to continue doing individual therapy to heal the wounds of her past. Farrah is an intelligent and creative enterprising woman. I’ve always encouraged her to take on projects that bring out the best in her and keep her clothes on.

Considering the fact that Farrah did not have the proper training and authorization to be a therapist, could offering “therapy” for money get her in trouble – legally or ethically?

The use of the word “therapy” is not really regulated. There are a lot of people who have no experience or training in psychology who call themselves a “life coach” and say they provide “therapy”. That said, if you give advice that ends up causing harm, it can leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit.

And finally, what do you think of the price and the live streaming through an adult cam site?

Real therapy is not performed on adult cam sites. We live in a big country where entrepreneurs can charge whatever they want for their services, but I think the precision in the description of the service you provide is crucial.

I only wish Farrah the best and hope that in the future she will choose more affirmative projects to bond with as well.

Many thanks to Dr Jenn for taking the time to speak to us. I imagine it is quite difficult to work as a “celebrity blog interviewee” when the rest of your waking hours are occupied by being a psychotherapist, columnist, radio show host, TV show host, a. frequent guest expert for numerous news programs and talk shows and author of several books, including The Relationship Fix: Dr. Jenn’s Guide to Improving Communication, Connection, and Intimacy, SuperBaby: 12 ways to give your child a head start in the first 3 years and The A-to-Z Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Children. I’m exhausted just writing the list, let alone doing it all! ?

You can try to keep up with whatever Dr. Jenn is up to via his website, at Dr Jennstagram, and on Twitter. You can also get weekly sex tips for well under $ 5,000 each by reading it weekly. “Bump day with Dr. Jenn” column for In Style Magazine!

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