Dragon Ball Super Artist shares a new version of Super 13

Dragon Ball Super is set to introduce new Red Ribbon Army androids this summer via the upcoming Shonen franchise film, Dragon Ball Super: Super heroesbut one of the artists who drew the final chapters of the manga took a trip down memory lane and gave Super Android 13 a new look. While 13 only appeared in a Dragon Ball Z movie, he was definitely one of the most powerful androids created by the Red Ribbon Army and is well known for dealing one of the greatest blows to Goku in the history of the Shonen series.

The seventh film of the Dragon Ball Z series, Dragon Ball Z: Awesome Android 13!, featured a number of new androids created by the Red Ribbon Army, set in an unknown time period during the Cell Saga. With the film seeing Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks take on the three new androids in their Super Saiyan forms, 13 would absorb his fallen comrades to become Super 13 and nearly kill the Z-Fighters in the process. It seems unlikely that 13 will make an appearance in official continuity at this point, but Dragon Ball Super Heroes always seems to have a place for heroes and villains that only appear in the movies.

The official Dragon Ball website shared this new version of Super Android 13, with the current artist for Dragon Ball SuperToyotaro, taking the opportunity to draw the classic movie villain who wasn’t afraid to punch below the belt when it came to battling the Z-Fighters and trying to exact revenge on Dr. Gero and the Red Ribbon Army:

Android 13 isn’t expected to return to the Shonen franchise this summer, but we’ll see new Androids hit the scene in the forms of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes is set to focus on Gohan and Piccolo, while Goku and Vegeta train off-world alongside the legendary Super Saiyan Broly on planet Whis and Beerus. While the film revealed that many Z-Fighters are expected to make an appearance in the summer release, fans are wondering if the film will also take the opportunity to bring Cell back, as there are a scene or two in the marketing material that could point to the return of the biological nightmare.

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Via the official Dragon Ball website

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