Dune contains sweet hidden message to son, says Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa reveals that a scene from Denis Villeneuve Dune’s sci-fi epic contains a hidden martial arts-related Easter egg for his 12-year-old son.

Dune star Jason Momoa revealed he hid a message from his son in Denis Villeneuve’s big budget sci-fi epic. Based on the 1965 novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, Dune follows Paul Atréides (Timothée Chalamet) and his noble family into the distant future. When Paul’s father, Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac), is ordered to take over the harsh land of Arrakis, House Atreides finds itself on the brink of war to claim the desert planet, home to the most resourceful resource. most valuable in the world.

Villeneuve’s film features a cast of stars. Besides Chalamet and Isaac, Dune stars Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Stellan SkarsgÃ¥rd, Dave Bautista, Zendaya, David Dastmalchian and Javier Bardem. Among the impressive roster of actors, Momoa has been one of the most articulate about his love of the project, even going so far as to wish for four to six years.cut-off time Dune (for the record, the execution time is already two hours and 35 minutes). Momoa plays Duncan Idaho, sword master of House Atreides, Paul’s combat trainer and Duke Leto’s trusted right-hand man. For the role, Momoa and Chalamet spent a lot of time together practicing and creating a chemistry between the characters.

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Now Momoa has confirmed Indiewire that during one of his scenes with Chalamet, the actor sneaked in a secret message to his son, Nakoa Wolf. In preparation for Duneof long battle scenes, the actors went through a training program that included a number of martial arts techniques. One of these techniques was Kali, the national martial art of the Philippines. “I never really learned thatThe action star admits, but her 12-year-old son practices the fighting style. Momoa inserted a few moves from Kali to signal her son, including one “where you put your hand on your heart and you put it on your head. Although it looks like Idaho is making the gesture to Paul in the movie, Momoa included the moment as a personal Easter egg for his family. Read more about Momoa’s secret Kali message below.

“We had to fight a lot of people, so a lot of practice went into that last battle scene… We did a bunch of stuff like Kali,” which is a martial arts technique that originated in the Philippines. “I never really learned that. My son does this. There are definitely those intimate moments where I wave at my son. It is a movement of Kali, where you put your hand on your heart and put it on your head. It’s Timothy in the movie, but it’s my son in real life.

Given Momoa’s extensive resume of physical roles, it’s no surprise that her secret message of choice was expressed through martial arts. The Dune actor first learned martial arts for his role as Ronon in Stargate Atlantis. He would later describe fierce fighters in both Game Of Thrones and Aquaman. Still, Momoa’s training for Dune was vast, the actor learning sword play and wrestling moves, as well as Kali. The action star did not come out of all this physical labor unscathed, however. In an instant on the set, Momoa took a knee in Chalamet’s groin.

Momoa has expressed reluctance to allow his children to view some of his early work, including Alert in Malibu: Hawaii, Conan the Barbarian, and Game Of Thrones. This is an understandable parental choice, given the explicit nature of these projects. But with this last anecdote from Dune together, it looks like Momoa’s kids have the green light to see a highly anticipated sci-fi movie. Momoa has also given the green light to its superhero films, including Aquaman and Justice League, which the star clearly deems appropriate for family viewing. The next Aquaman the sequel is also in the works, with a release date set for December 2022, so Momoa will be returning to the screen soon in some impressive action sequences. In the meantime, the Momoa family can finally watch Dune in theaters.

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Source: Indiewire

  • Dune (2021)Release Date: October 22, 2021

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