Enter the “digital forest” with STAR SEED

Up-and-coming electronic duo STAR SEED deliver a soundscape of deep grooves and ethereal melodies on their new EP, digital forest.

Sometimes finding a certain sound that takes you to a different realm offers the greatest escape and comfort in a world of uncertainty – and STARSEED does exactly that. This up-and-coming experimental electronic duo formed in 2020, but boasts an entire discography of tracks that showcase their unique and captivating sound. Their first EP on Ophelia, Interior space, put their name on the map and featured collaborations with artists like Tsunami and Vance Charity, which features a multitude of techniques for mixing genres and sound experimentation.

Specializing in modular synthesis and drum machines to organize their music, STAR SEED’s sound has a carefully curated yet smooth groovy mix that generates layers of soundscapes. To kick off 2022, the duo released their second EP digital forest, a selection of three diverse tracks filled with deep grooves and melodic-style synths that tell listeners an otherworldly story.

The titular track builds from cascading melodies into deep house grooves, with ethereal vocal synths. “Everything I would need»brings the singer-songwriter Meggie York into the mix and delivers a smooth, poetic lyricism through creative use of trap-style beats and choppy samples. The Final Track”do not forget” sees STAR SEED teaming up with Vacation for an energetic, upbeat vibe that features a passionate drop with a captivating vocal hook and clever use of beat looping.

The collective energy of digital forest captures the title effortlessly, blending futuristic sounds and styles with the creative design of soundscapes and forming a musical environment with just one song. Follow STAR SEED on social media below, spread digital forest on your favorite platform, and let us know what you think of the new EP in the comments!

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STARSEED – digital forest – List of tracks:

  1. digital forest
  2. All I Need (feat. Meggie York)
  3. Don’t Forget (feat. Vaance)

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