Famous blonde Albanian expert Ajkune Ahmetaj shares her successful professional journey to inspire young entrepreneurs – UBJ


Ajkune Ahmetaj, who is often hailed as the blonde expert in the hairdressing industry, is an established and renowned artist who creates waves in the region with her incredible styles and unmatched approach.

As Albania’s first and only hairdresser, Ahmetaj is creating a legacy for all future budding entrepreneurs who want to pursue their dreams in this field. His efforts to make this industry more accessible to artists from Albania and around the world have been groundbreaking. With her unprecedented determination and dedication, she has witnessed some transformative changes in the industry.

Ajkune Ahmetaj was born in Kosovo but grew up in Switzerland where she moved a few years later. In Switzerland, she found her passion for hairdressing and decided to pursue it. She enrolled in a three-year professional course to acquire skills in the field and during her studies she also worked in a professional capacity to practice her skills.

Her determination gave her an edge over her competition and today she credits her relentless spirit which has earned her the fame and recognition she has today.

There is no doubt that with her career today, she has set an example for all aspiring hairdressers who want to achieve something big in the field, but her career endeavors have not always been so fluids. When she started working as a hairdresser, she had to face several challenges that were obstacles in her career. As the very first Albanian hairdresser, her debut was filled with struggles, but with her unwavering determination and spirit, she overcame all of her challenges and today teaches everyone to do the same.

As someone who has been personally trained by world renowned hairstylist Mournir, Ahmetaj has got her hands on some of the most valuable information in the industry that has helped her enrich her career and hair styles.

This kind of access to advanced knowledge and expertise guided her towards creating her own signature styles, including dyeing, coloring and hair extensions. After realizing what kind of wonder knowledge from industry experts can do for her career, she has also set up her own masterclass training where she passes her knowledge on to other students and artists interested in the same field. of work.

With her dedication, she tries to make these training courses as practical and useful as possible for the students. She has added a wide array of techniques and styles to her program that you will hardly find anywhere else. From Ombre, Balayage, to Meches, you can learn everything with it.

Her clientele is inclusive, which she believes is an important part of every industry. She is committed to serving everyone with her services. Recently there has been an impressive breakthrough in her career where her salon is actively recognized by celebrities and influencers. This type of exposure has been very helpful for her in building her base on social media. So far, she has worked with various celebrities including Tanya, Elvana Gjata, Dafina Zeqiri, Kida, etc.

Ajkune Ahmetaj now has 1.2 million followers who are constantly growing. In addition to inspiring individuals with her successful career, she is also speaking out about giving back to society and has been doing so since the very beginning of her career. She is quite a philanthropist and thinks that doing charitable work is not only great for individuals to find meaning in their work, but it also helps to show their gratitude.


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