Festival of instruments marked by “really brilliant” performances

The 120th year of a Dunedin arts society has been marked by high caliber competition at its annual Instrument Festival.

The head of the Dunedin Performing Arts Competitions Society, Sofie Van Huffel, said the event, which ran from Thursday to yesterday, was well received and included “really great” performances from junior and junior participants. seniors.

About 200 performances took place this year, compared to about 150 last year, Ms Van Huffel said.

The Dunedin Performing Arts Competitions Society was established in 1902 as the Dunedin Competitions Society, which aimed to follow the example of groups founded in Australian cities to promote arts competitions.

The annual instrumental competition has been held most years since, Ms. Van Huffel said.

Fortunately, it had not been affected by cancellations caused by Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

The interest generated by this year’s event had been thrilling, as well as the level of enthusiasm shown by the attendees, many of whom had been preparing for months.

Family members and music teachers came out to support the young musicians and the event was honored to have Dunedin Symphony Orchestra conductor Kenneth Young judging the event.

It was important for young people to gain experience performing in front of an audience, especially given the level of promise displayed by many candidates, Ms Van Huffel said.

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