Fløa and Furcloud deliver a magnificent new EP of two songs: Listen

Fløa and Furcloud deliver stunning two-song EP with ‘The Illusion of Impression/Steller’: Listen

Every once in a while, there are leads that come into this world that leave you completely speechless. Whether through the lyrics or the instrumental, the song puts you in a state of pure bliss whenever the melodies grace your ears. This is exactly what happened with Floa and furcloud as they present their stunning new EP to the world, ‘The Stellar/Print Illusion.’

It’s an EP only composed of the two songs, “Impression Illusion” and “Stellar.” But really, that’s all the PE needs. These two tracks carry the power of a full studio project and feature some of the best production the industry has seen in recent years.

While the EP begins with “Illusion of Impression”, it wastes no time delving into the great sound of progressive trance. Featuring elements such as “ethereal vocal snippets and dense synth layers that swarm around a throbbing rhythm section”, it is truly a work of art. The song is not only empowering and uplifting, but at the same time, it retains a subtlety that still allows it to evoke emotion.

“Super excited to have this EP out in the world. Working and writing these tracks with Fløa was amazing. We wanted to capture the high energy moments with the quieter moments in life. Inspired by life and nature. – Fur Cloud

The second track of the EP only needs to be described in one word and it’s the same as its title, stellar. After the captivating sound of the first track, “Stellar” goes ahead and builds intensity in the EP while maintaining the same beauty of the first track. With a great synth melody and a sprinkling of ambient vocals throughout that will leave you in awe, “Stellar” closes an unforgettable eight-minute listen in a terrific way.

If you haven’t sat down to listen to this EP, you have to. Not only will it be worth your time, but it’s powerful enough to make progressive trance your new favorite genre. To say that these two titles are incredible would be doing a disservice to Fløa and Furcloud. They are more than that. They are incredibly stunning.

Listen to the full EP “The “Illusion of Impression/Stellar” below. Learn more about Fucloud here.

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