Flume releases their highly anticipated third studio album “Palaces”

Flume releases their highly anticipated third studio album ‘Palaces’: listen

It’s a big week for Australian producer Flume as his full album is finally out after many teasers and months of anticipation – third studio album ‘Palace’ fell this Friday on future classic and the EDM community is thrilled. The brain behind “Never Be Like You” and ‘Helix’ originally created anticipation for this album when he released the first single behind – ‘Do not say anything’ with MAYA.

The album begins with a collaboration with the French singer Okaylou called “The Tallest Building”. The album continues with the sound that Flume is notoriously known for throughout his musical journey – be prepared to hear plenty of tracks from this list in various sets this summer. Sharp declines are balanced by beautiful voices from many contributors such as MAYA, LAUREL and a well-known name in the EDM field – KUČKA. His various sound choices follow through an eccentric track ‘Give you’ and piano piece ‘Jasper’s Song’there are no limits to Flume’s projects, and each track feels like a separate work of art to be fully indulged in to pay homage. ‘Hollow’ feels like summer captured in a melody, and the voice of Australian Emma Louise help achieve this goal. Among the collaborations, ‘Mermaids’ with Caroline Polachek was the second rollout in the album’s announcement phase and achieved relevance through an unusual yet charming blend of color bass elements with operatic vocals. Rounding out the album is Flume’s most anticipated collaboration on this album – the soulful final track ‘Palace’ was made with Damon Albanthe leader of Gorillaz.

Whether you prefer colorful bass or hyperpop or regular electronic music, ‘Palace’ got you covered. The album shows that Flume is unlike any other producer in the game, having his name at the top for all the right reasons – establishing subgenres that cross over into the mainstream in the most unique way. Since his first GRAMMY award in 2016 for his second album ‘The skin’ to this day, it’s hard to imagine the EDM scene without Flume’s contribution.


‘Palace’ by Flume was released Friday, May 20 on Future Classic, and be sure to check it out below:

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