Gaspard Augé goes hunting in the new video for “Captain”

Gaspard Augé goes hunting in a new video for

Gaspard Augé, half of the French electronic music duo Justice, has just released a brand new music video for their new single “Captain”. This is the fourth single from his next album Getaways, which will be released on June 25.

“Captain” is led by a cheerful, cheerful synthesizer, funky bassline, and retro-style drums. Overall, “Captain” has cinematic, classic, and disco elements, as it is reminiscent of an end credits song in a movie. It’s a song that gives off a happy and playful aura, culminating in the impression that the listener is at the beach. The top tune has a video game or arcade element, especially when combined with the detuned synth chords in the background. At 1:30, the song opens with a large production with orchestral violins, a slight change of key and a louder percussion groove. “Captain” is a song with a lot of movement that never seems to stand still. This is embodied by the funk breakdown of the bass towards the end of the song. Augé takes out all the melodies at high frequency and lets the song breathe with just percussion and bass.

The clip is a one-minute version of the full song, in which a man in a full camouflage suit carries a sniper rifle that resembles a bass guitar. Thanks to his rifle scope, he sees another man running through the desert landscape, dressed in a military uniform. It ends with the man in the camo suit playing his bass guitar rifle and the man in the military suit standing next to him, saluting.

Augé shared three more singles for his new album Getaways, including “Hey! “,” Force majeure “and” Vox “. The clip of “Hey!” Also lasted only a minute, depicting a Mongolian horseman playing the violin, just as abstract as “Captain”. The tracks on this album were all inspired by disco, but Augé took those elements and created a mix of progressive dance and maximalist music.


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