Head coach Lovie Smith and the players meet the media after the Texans camp.


“You’ve probably noticed a little change in appearance. You know when you’re a young franchise you don’t have a lot of retro uniform jerseys, but for us to present this battle red helmet, I love the look And of course I know we’re in Houston but it’s kinda H-Town for us so it’s nice to put a little different flavor to practice today Good things continue to happen on both Offensively I like our ball security Now defensively it’s not good enough but offensively I really like what we’re doing with some of them We keep putting different things. Yesterday was third and short. Third and long game plan today. We’ll take the day off tomorrow and then Monday, two minutes and red zone. So we’re starting to put a lot of our football situation. Not a lot of injuries. , which is a good thing. Still once, the guys should be able to rest tomorrow and get ready to go on Monday.”

We saw DB Derek Stingley Jr. catch some punts a bit. Can you talk about that?

“Yeah, [Derek] Stingley can do a lot. The punt returner is one of them. Now, I’m not saying he’ll be our punt returner for sure, but the more you can do. You probably noticed Derek had more reps today. We will continue to bring it to the rhythm that we had set before the start of the camp. He’s getting a little bit better every day too.”

Does it feel good to see OL Justin Britt again today?

“Same, Justin Britt, Jonathan [Greenard], [Kamu] Grugier-Hill, all these guys don’t necessarily rely on the game, but we have a plan as to when we’re going to let them rest for a bit. We are different with Justin Britt there. It all starts with our center. He does a lot for our team. He’s a good player, but again our offense will be much better with Justin.”

What did you think of TE Pharaoh Brown and TE Seth Green’s performance today?

“Seth Green has made a few plays. As a young player you want to do something to get noticed. But [Pharaoh] Brown, the other players we have, Anthony [Auclair] has a knee injury at the moment, so he’ll be out a bit. But tight ends are going to be a big part of what we do, and it was good to continue those packages today.”

Can you tell us about what you see on the offensive line, especially OL Max Scharping?

“Max [Scharping] has been around for a while and he just started at the tackle position. It feels like we have two of the best tackles in football. We just talked about Justin Britt, AJ [Cann], we know that Kenyon Green will eventually enter the mix. But you also need more backups, and Max has it right. When we asked him to come into the room, he did. So we feel like with Charlie Heck we have some depth at that offensive line position.”

Working on the third and long today, what did you think of the down passing game and some of the things you were all working on?

“First day to install it, but eventually there will be third and long ones that we will have to convert. It’s about third tries, keeping the strings running, series, and we will have to convert some of them It starts with good pass protection up front, and just gives Davis [Mills] enough time for us to find the receivers.”

What were your interactions with LB Garret Wallow during the offseason?

“I love everything he did last year. He was a lower draft pick who got to play all three positions. Just, you know, normal sophomore growth. We’ve got a few players, every time that we opened the building, they were there, and Garret [Wallow] is one of those players. He will have a role for us, and we are delighted with his progress. And I’ll say the linebacker position, there’s a lot of depth there with quite a few guys. »

QB Davis Mills seemed to make a lot of control throws today. Was it due to defensive coverage?

“Going to the other side of the ball is cover, how about that? No, but it was, I mean, every time you see a — most of our — – we don’t have a lot of check down design but when the down roads are covered you want the quarterback, you don’t want him to force it. [Mill’s] growth too. It definitely was, and that’s good on both sides.”

Do you have an update on WR Phillip Dorsett?

“[Phillip Dorsett] of course a little bloated. As a general rule, boot camp, skill guys, they’re going to get nicknames from time to time. Nothing serious. Eventually, I hope soon we get him back there.”

What have you seen from WR Brandin Cooks so far?

“We went to Brandin Cooks a lot last year, and we certainly plan to do a lot this year. A receiver has to give him the ball. We have a plan for what we’re going to do. But that’s just it. Keep him involved Head to head matchups he’ll win most of the time Great leadership from one of our best players Just great glue for the team We need Nico [Collins] be that complement to him, and he can. Body type, large target, catch, climb and jump. It could also be a good combination.”

What did you see from QB Kyle Allen?

“I talk about Davis Mills a lot, rightly so, but you never know when it’s time for the substitute to step in. Kyle [Allen] played a lot of ball. He is mobile. It’s precise and that’s why we brought it here; a guy that if we have to call on him, he knows our attack and we feel he can direct it.”

You’ve always been all-in since becoming a coach, and yesterday you spent several minutes with the fans taking photos and signing autographs. You love that, don’t you?

“Absolutely. First of all, I mean, I love being a head coach, and they ask the Houston Texans football head coach to give an autograph, I can handle that. That’s fine though. Last year with COVID, the fans were a little bit further, but now they’re here. When people take the time to show up, we’re talking about our team showing up, showing up, it’s about also fans getting involved Some of the stories, someone drove 12 hours yesterday to watch us practice Coming from Canada The least we can do is that.

Can you tell us how great it is to have DL Jonathan Greenard back and what expectations you have for him?

“You know, eight sacks last year in limited action. Jonathan [Greenard] is a legitimate outside defensive end in the league. I can’t wait to see how far he can go. Getting bumped and missing a lot of off-season work has set him back a bit, but you see, we’ll keep giving him more and more reps. He’s a big part of what we’re going to do this year.”

What have you seen from RB Dameon and Pierce so far?

“[Dameon Pierce] is a badass. You see him working on special teams and a bit of a rematch with him. He can run between tackles and can cause you to miss a bit in the open. Again, we have about six running backs in the mix. I can’t wait to see – you know, you try not to get too excited. We’re in underwear, we’re in shorts right now. Monday should start to tell us a lot more.”

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