HTC and Pixiv team up to launch 3D animated avatars –

  • Pixiv launched VRoid in 2018
  • VIVERSE is an open virtual world platform launched by HTC
  • The protocol currently generates over 10,000 avatars

Taiwanese maker of computer-generated reality (VR) cellphones and headsets HTC is collaborating with Japanese maker Pixiv to send anime-style three-layer (3D) Japanese symbols to its VIVERSE metaverse, according to a public statement.

Organizing with Pixiv will quickly increase the amount of virtual characters on VIVERSE and address customer issues that are moving towards anime and manga styles,” said Joseph Lin, President of VIVERSE.

VRoid aims to create a place where creative activities become more attractive

VIVERSE is an open virtual world stage launched by HTC in March this year. In June, HTC launched its first metaverse phone, Desire 22, as an entry into its metaverse phase.

VRoid is a 3D task launched by pixiv in 2018, allowing users to modify 3D characters. The convention currently creates more than 10,000 symbols each day, according to the public release.

Pixiv is an artisan site focused on Japanese-style outlines, manga, and fiction with north of 81 million customers and more than 100 million crafts at present, according to the public statement.

Working by pixiv Inc., pixiv stands for doing where creation proves to be seriously intriguing. pixiv is perhaps one of Japan’s most notable social media, providing space for a wide range of creators to share their depictions, manga, and books and connect with each other. Due to increasing demands for virtual stuff, pixiv sent VRoid in 2018.

With VRoid Studio, a 3D virtual person demonstrating programming, customers can modify haircuts, faces, bodies, clothes, and more. of their virtual characters. More than 10,000 symbols are created through VRoid constantly around the world.

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Pixiv co-founded the VRM Consortium

pixiv helped establish the VRM consortium with 13 Japanese organizations. The association intends to disseminate the design of 3D symbol documents without a VRM scene and form a federated standard. HTC has also reported support for the VRM standard since the VIVERSE shipment.

Currently, VRM Consortium and HTC are the stewards of the Metaverse Standards Forum, which is committed to achieving open interoperability of the Metaverse.

The primary mission of the association between VIVERSE and pixiv will be to interface information on their frameworks. VRoid customers will actually want to use their unique Avatar models on the VIVERSE stage.

Regarding the long-term mission, VIVERSE and pixiv will cooperate to give customers more polished and adaptable creative highlights and to upgrade symbol devices and extras for VIVERSE. Notwithstanding Avatar’s current capabilities, VIVERSE will also carry more administrations through associations to offer more tailored types of support based on business needs.

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