Hundreds of Kids Across Green Country Have Joined the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra – FOX23 News

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — They have been practicing for months and have learned special songs and pieces of music to sing and play their recorders.

Everything is aimed at introducing children to different types of music.

The orchestra normally has around 60 musicians, but around 500 5th graders joined to play recorders and sing.

The show took place at the Bartlesville Community Center.

The children came from public and private schools in Bartlesville. Dewey and Chelsey classes were also involved.

Nicholas Bridges, 11, goes to Jane Phillips Elementary School in Bartlesville – he said he was nervous

“We’re going to do the recorder and there’s a song that everyone can sing along to and it’s going to be really fun but tricky too”

He also said that just being in the theater was awesome

“It was amazing and I haven’t been there since I just moved here so I thought it was pretty cool”

Seth Clarkson, 12, who attends St John’s Catholic School in Bartlesville, says there has been a big build-up of performances

“It’s pretty cool because I’ve never done this before and I’ve been training a lot”

“We learned cross hot buns.. we did different kind of stuff from ukulele to recorder”

It’s part of a program with Carnegie Hall in New York to try to introduce children to music, different types of music and how it’s made.

Carnegie Hall provides materials and music free of charge. The children spent months learning it to prepare for the show.

Lauren Green is the conductor of the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra. He says it’s inspiring.

“It might be a one-time deal for some of these kids, but even though they have regular music lessons, it’s such motivation for them to be able to come see and play with the symphony orchestra”

“The idea is to show what melodies can do how they make you feel how they’re built and of course have a good time doing it.”

“The more we can expose them to a wide range of music and art, the better off they’re going to be growing up, they may or may not become musicians when they grow up, but if they have that knowledge and that exposure and even knowing how to come into the hall a lot of their families even though they live in this town they will never have been in this auditorium and to show that it’s not a big scary thing it’s an exciting place to come”

Teachers and children played and sang and the music teacher at St John’s Catholic School in Bartlesville – Rhonda Cerveny – says the experience is really important.

“you never know who will be the next great cellist or wind violinist who will come out of an experience like this”

“Just being able to play those choruses and see how they sounded with the orchestra was really magical, I think they loved it all.”

They played many songs including Ode to Joy and New World Symphony and now the kids can say they were part of the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra.

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