Instruments stolen from UK music students


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Last month, two artists from the UK College of Fine Arts discovered their lockers had been broken into. The thief got away with two instruments worth thousands of dollars.

An empty locker was not what JuRang Kim expected to find a day after practicing the violin.

“I came back the next day to train again, then the lock was gone. I can’t forget this moment because I was so shocked. I really hope the instrument will still be there. And then I opened it and it was gone, ”Kim said.

Soon she would learn that she was not the only victim.

“The person had to know exactly what was in there,” said Colleen Scott.

Colleen Scott’s oboe, reeds and equipment have been removed from her locker.

“We searched and searched and found the one that was right for me in my freshman year,” Scott said.

Kim’s parents bought her violin over 10 years ago when they were missionaries in Mongolia.

“As a violinist, I can’t sing, so I can’t pronounce the lyrics. But with the instrument, I could transmit the music to others. Plus the more time I spend with her it really becomes my voice, ”Kim said.

They filed a report with campus police, but Kim said they were told security cameras didn’t pick up anything.

Scott had insurance on his oboe, but still has a deductible on his other equipment to replace.

Kim’s husband is a seminary student who donated one of his kidneys to his father last year. She says they don’t have the money for a new violin right now.

“I think at least $ 30,000 I will have to replace. But I don’t even know with this money if I can find the same type of instrument, ”Kim said.

They hope their GoFundMe fundraiser will help replace the pieces of themselves that have been stolen.

Although they lost a lot, the two say they also gained something unexpected.

“So like we’ve seen each other, but you know that’s really how we formed a friendship, so that’s been a plus, this whole disaster is a new friendship,” Scott said.

The two said that if their fundraiser is successful, they plan to record a duet together as a thank you.

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