IRON ALLIES Feat. HERMAN FRANK and DAVID REECE, former members of ACCEPT: release of the music video “Blood In Blood Out”

IRON ALLIESthe new band with old ones I ACCEPT members Herman Frank and David Reecereleased the official music video for the title track of their debut album, “Blood in Blood”. The LP will arrive on October 21 via AFM recordings.

Last month, IRON ALLIES releases his first single, “Filled with Surprises”. At the time, Franc said of the track: “The unusual rhythm of the triplet, the guitar work that I can put my soul into, combined with Davidwhose distinctive voice is always full of melody and never just shrill – this surprising blend serves as the perfect appetizer for our album.”

A third single/video, “The Destroyers of the Night”will also be made available.

Franc comments: “This record cannot be compared to anything David or I have produced in our past. It’s both self-contained, while sounding like it came from a single mold. You could say: we both sought and found each other.”

Although these two exceptional musicians have known each other for a very long time, sparks really started to fly during Francvisit to Piacenza, Italy, where the native American Reece lives after marrying an Italian.

“We immediately hit it off because David – like me – is not only an old workhorse, but a total music lover”, Hermann said. “It’s only with this unwavering passion for music that you can last as long as we have it in this shark tank.

“I like David‘s, this unique blend of metal, rock and blues. Plus, he’s a brilliant lyricist and as an American American he obviously has a much wider vocabulary than non-English speaking singers.”

“In a sense, “Blood in Blood” is the currency of IRON ALLIES“, Hermann Explain. “This group was formed as a blood brotherhood, and no one walks out of here without shedding blood.

“Blood in Blood” was recorded at Horus sound studio in Hanover, Germany with co-producer Arne Neurand. Join Franc and Reece on the IRON ALLIES album, which was mixed and mastered by Denis Wardare drummer Francesco Jovino (YOU DO, PRIMARY FEAR, VOODOO CIRCLE, JOORN), bass player Malta Burkert and rhythm guitarist Mike Pesin.

Franc says: “We left nothing to chance. All positions have been cast perfectly.

IRON ALLIES are more than sure that this concept will also convince concert organizers, tour promoters and above all their fans. Because Franc says, “People like strong characters. They want to see real men, not little boys. IRON ALLIES is made up of old school knights and “Blood in Blood” provides the perfect soundtrack for it.”

Last October, Reece talked about his collaboration with Franc in an interview with the “Heavy Metal Chaos” radio program. He said: “The ironic thing about Hermann and me, we played several times in festivals and we didn’t even meet. And here we are, part of the same group and part of their history. And we were running out of, like, two minutes. We always wanted to see each other, but something happened [and] we never really got to meet. So Hermann and I started talking, and we said, ‘Yeah, let’s get a band together. Who do you want to have?’ We spoke to [drummer] mike heller of THE FEAR FACTORY several times, and it didn’t really work. And then I said, ‘I have Francesco Jovinoman, on my [solo] album. This guy is a beast.’ So we formed the band.”

Regarding the musical direction of IRON ALLIES, Reece says, “It has some of those elements of the old [ACCEPT circa] “Restless and Wild”. He has Davidthe voice of — [as heard on my solo albums] ‘Cacophony [Of Souls]’ and ‘Blacklist [Utopia]’. It’s crap, man. I’m really excited about it.”

According Reecepart of the motivation to put IRON ALLIES together is the negative publicity surrounding their respective departures from I ACCEPT. “They’re bashing him, they’re bashing me, there was this back and forth all the time, and then [Herman] said, ‘You know what? Screw it. I’ll call David Reece,'” David Explain. “And I had never really spoken to him. He just came to Italy about two weeks ago, and we were able to meet face to face. We went to a nice dinner, we hung out for about six hours. He was just driving through Europe, relaxing, because he had just finished another VICTORY album and his solo album, so he needed a break.”

David said he was excited about the prospect of hitting the road with a seasoned veteran like Hermann.

“It’s a bunch of guys who’ve been there and done it all,” he said. “So we’re not going to have this, ‘Oh, I don’t want to go. Do we have to get up so early?’ We know what we have to do. We have to travel and we have to rock.”

“Blood in Blood” track list:

01. Filled with surprises
02. blood in blood
03. Destroyers of the Night
04. fear no evil
05. Wrong the gun
06. The martyrs are burning
07. blood on the ground
08. Nightmares in my head
09. Sell
ten. Freeze
11. The truth never mattered
12. We are a legend (you and me)

Hermann joined I ACCEPT in 1982 shortly before the band’s release “Restless and Wild” album and left the group for the first time after the arrival of 1983 “Balls on the wall” LP.

When I ACCEPT reunited for festival appearances in 2005, Hermann handled second guitar duties alongside founding Ax Man Wolf Hoffmanwith Stefan Schwarzmann sitting behind the kit.

Franc and Schwarzmann have been involved in I ACCEPTis back with the singer Marc Tornillo and appeared on the reunited band’s first three studio albums: 2010 “Blood of Nations”2012 “Stalingrad” and 2014 “Blind Rage”.

Two years ago, Hermann Told Everything that tears on his decision to leave I ACCEPT in December 2014: “It was just time to leave the band. Let’s put it this way: I wanted to make music like I started. I wanted to have my own band. I wanted my own music and I just wanted to play I wasn’t following someone’s guitar. I was getting too old for that. It’s good to be a replacement, but after a few years it’s time to move on.

Reece was recruited for I ACCEPTit is “Eat the Heat” LP in 1989 following the departure of Udo Dirkschneider. ReeceThe sharper delivery of was in stark contrast to Dirkschneider‘s distinctive style, and overall the album was a critical and commercial disappointment. Halfway to the “Eat the Heat” tour, the differences between the group and Reece had come to a head, leading to the altercation between singer and bassist Pierre Baltes in Chicago. At the end of 1989, I ACCEPT hung up on him.

David opened up about the circumstances that led to his argument with the bassist during an interview with Metalliluola. He explained: “Rock told my girlfriend I was having an affair. And I asked him, ‘Did you tell him?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ So I slapped him. That finished him. It was bad before that, the communication. Ticket sales were not good. We opened for WASP

He continued: “I think they really thought bringing in the American [singer] in it, they were going to break the United States. But I ACCEPT are not really huge in America, like [in Europe]. That’s why they hired me — they wanted a change. And the tour was going rather slowly. We first did a headlining tour in the United States, [playing in the] clubs. It was good. And then we went out with WASP and METAL CHURCHand that was half[-filled] rooms. So they felt the stress of that and the communication was poor. So it was building.”

David went on to say he was sorry for assaulting his former bandmate. “Rock and I’m friends now,” he said, adding that “it was a bad decision” that was made when he and the rest of the band were under “a lot of stress.” be very dramatic. He had no right to tell her, and I had no right to slap him. So, I’m sorry.”

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