Up and coming DJ / producer Jean Juan has successfully reworked a recent hip hop classic into a haunting deep house track. With the voice of hip hop artist Young Jae, ‘My Way’ brings the alluring vocal lines of Fetty Wap’s eponymous 2015 hit song as well as delicate electronic beats, perfectly bridging the gap between the two genres, bringing the song straight back to the dancefloor .

DJ, songwriter and director of the Soave Records label, Jean Juan spent his early years touring and organizing music before devoting more time to making it himself, driven by the many artists he worked with. .

Nicknamed Jean by one half and Juan by the other half of his friends, the two-meter tall Dutchman enjoyed early viral success in 2020 with “Don’t Forget Me” in Russia, broadcast on the radio over 100,000 time. The follow-up “Sauce” hit the German Shazam and Spotify charts, racking up 15 million plays after being picked up by Spinnin ‘Records in the middle of the year.

As ‘Sauce’ included vocal lines from American rapper XXXTENTACION’s song of the same name in 2019, reworked by Young Jae, and packed into a tasty dance groove, ‘My Way’ can easily be seen as a follow-up to this widely released release. acclaimed.

Once again, Jean Juan sought out the efforts of rapper Young Jae, this time taking the vocal lines from Fetty Wap’s 2015 flagship song “My Way.” These are reinforced by the subtle, bouncy melody before a warm deep house beat moves things in another direction. As the backing vocals return in an addicting loop, the record receives more and more energy thanks to a smooth bassline and catchy percussion.

The result is a powerful blend of fresh hip hop vocals and contemporary dance music, using elements of classic house sounds along with inventive production techniques. Jean Juan has definitely found a niche sound for himself, and it turns out to be both successful and exciting – better to pass it “My Way”.

“In ‘My Way’ I tried to mix American hip-hop with a more European slap / deep house vibe. I hope audiences on both sides of the musical spectrum enjoy this and can vibrate with each other. Shout out to Fetty Wap for being an inspiration by always pushing the limits! “- Jean Juan

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