Listen to Tiyasha Biswas’ delicate piano version for “Nemesis” –

Tiyasha Biswas, singer-songwriter originally from Chhattisgarh and based in Kolkata. Photo: courtesy of the artist

Chhattisgarh-based Kolkata-based singer-songwriter Tiyasha Biswas first appeared on our radar when she collaborated with Nagpur musician Atul Gupta and Oh Arya on the R & B / pop track “Kind of Lies “last year. Now Biswas has lent his tender voice to the moving “Nemesis” which was written by Gupta.

Biswas remembers always being fascinated by music and even bunking lessons so she could sit at her computer with her headphones on, singing along to her favorite tunes. Some of these tracks include American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s classics such as “You Belong With Me”, “Back to December” and “Love Story”. The singer says, “I wrote the lyrics to these songs on the back of my school notebook to sing them out loud.”

Since then, the artist has started posting covers to SoundCloud, YouTube and Instagram and has even started learning vocal exercises, warm-ups and techniques online to improve her skills. She says, “I never had my first debut with Atul and Arya, ‘Kinds of Lies’, and my covers would receive so much love and appreciation.”

About how the collaboration for “Nemesis” came about, Biswas says, “Atul sent me the unfinished demo track and I was so happy and excited for him. But when he asked me to record one piano version of ‘Nemesis’, happiness was unreal. ”She adds,“ It was a big deal for me. Falling in and out of the belief that I can do it, and I finally did it.

Biswas’ poignant and thought-provoking voice sits perfectly on a bed of lush piano chords and intricate movements. According to the singer-songwriter, “Nemesis” is about “betrayal but not to give up.” The musician adds: “[It’s about] something that you cannot pass away that was beautifully put into the verses by Atul. Gupta produced, mixed and mastered the track while Biswas recorded his parts in his home studio.

Currently, the artist is part of a theater troupe in Kolkata where she plans to expand her role as a creative individual while learning Indian classical music. She says, “I have so much to know and to learn. I want to focus more on growth this time around.

Stream “Nemesis” on Spotify below:

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