Livingroom publishes “Don’t shoot the messenger!” “

Livingroom, a Chicago-based indie-pop-rock group, recently released their debut album, Don’t shoot the messenger !, in the wake of their first EP in 2020, Bee, which won the ILMEA All-State Composition Award for the title track.

Produced by Julian Stacey, the album was written during COVID and examines how relationships form and fall apart.

Comprised of Jeremy Bernstein (bass, guitar), Sam Collett (drums), Danny McNeela (guitar, vocals) and Lev Sheinfeld (keyboards, vocals), the four members of Livingroom reunited in their first year of high school in 2018. accompaniment for their school’s variety show, the quartet quickly grew into a serious group with a unique sound they call “pop grape”.

Comprising 10 tracks, the album’s entry points include “August II”, opening up to swirling, kaleidoscopic colors merging into swaying, computerized vocals. “Mickey the Daydreamer” travels to retro 50s and 60s layers of creamy music topped with a deliciously sweet voice. The rhythm, pulsating and hopping, is accompanied by bright colors and a tasty horn.

A personal favorite, “Window Shopping” unfolds over undulating hues of sparkling pop flavors as a rich, clear vocals imbue the lyrics with chimerical retro flavors. “Tangents (Aside)” opens with an elegant piano, undulating with heavy tones. A dreamy and lush voice rises above, full of alluring aromas.

“SOS” presents notes of folk mixed with pop elements in a brilliant melody full of sparkling guitars. A soft and sparkling piano imbues the melody with romantic threads as warm, passionate voices roll above, full of melancholy and longing.

The final track, “Livingroom”, travels on a graceful piano, followed by emerging horns and scintillating accents. The flow of the horns is magnificent. Tender voices enter, infusing the lyrics with soft tones. As the harmonics soar, the song takes on majestic depth and powerful dimension.

At Don’t shoot the messenger, Livingroom offers sweet pop flavors, alluring rhythms and delicious vocals.

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