Marghe, the surprise live of “The Voice”: “I have already won everything”


“Watch out for Marghe”. Florent Pagny had warned us. Arriving almost on tiptoe in the adventure “The Voice”, the 21-year-old Madagascan Poitevine stands out a little more at each stage as one of the talents to follow in this tenth season.

Marc Lavoine says of her that she is “foolish”, Amel Bent that she is “hypnotic”. “Singing” even, according to his trainer. The young singer used her magic on the cross-battles audience which qualified her for the semi-final. And it was perhaps the most surprising of his journey in the series. Still euphoric several months after filming, she is ready to fully live her dream by singing live for viewers.

Last talent selected at the end of the round of 16, you were also the last to have won your ticket for the direct. Victories at the finish line, is that your thing?

Apparently yes ! It was true that it was quite intense and stressful. I don’t know what happened but fate decided that I was the last every time (she laughs).

“The last will be the first”Celine Dion sang. It may be a sign for the future …

Maybe, you never know. I let my lucky star guide me and for now, I am delighted with what she offers me (she laughs). It’s an honor to be able to participate live. I was not expecting it at all. I’ve wanted to be on the show for years. It’s just crazy what’s happening to me.

When Florent Pagny chooses to face you Quebecer Anik, you say to yourself that it is ruined?

For me, Anik is a great singer with very good technique. It’s impressive what she does. She ignited the set by taking over Tina Turner. I had a little stress after her. But I kept the same state of mind by telling myself: “Whatever happens, your goal is to have fun and have a good time with the public and the coaches”. And when I saw the results, I was amazed. Like what, sometimes… The cross-battles, it is a stage which marked me a lot. I’m happy that it rained and to be able to represent my team with Giada for the live.

Even Florent Pagny was surprised at my choice of song– Marghe

With Dua Lipa’s “Don’t start now”, you choose a pretty mind-blowing song that only her original singer seemed to be able to sing. The crossed battles, was it not or never for such a risk-taking?

Yes, but the more you take the steps, the more risk you take. Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy” during the knockouts, it was really a risk-taking. It is true that apart from the fight, I have always offered a world of gentleness. Even Florent Pagny was surprised by my choice of song with Dua Lipa. He told me : “That’s it, have you decided to do something totally different overnight? ” I like the challenge, give my maximum and offer something breathtaking as you say. I’m glad it worked.

Dua Lipa, is this an artist that you have listened to a lot last year?

I admire it a lot, I listen to it a lot. I also wanted to discover my musical diversity. I can sing songs from the 50s as I can cover more modern pieces, reggae… I rely on different styles of music to put them back in my style and really offer something else.

On video

Marghe sings “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa

This choice of song paid off. Almost 80% of the audience on the set voted for you. That’s more than all the other talents of the season …

It was really impressive. Even I was shocked. It’s crazy … I would have liked to ask the public why (she laughs). I’m just honored and grateful because on top of that he didn’t know about our experience on the show. Now I’m not going to let go. I just want to have fun and enjoy the moment. Of course, I’ll be happy to go to the final, that’s the goal of the game. But if I have to stop before, it doesn’t matter because I have already won everything. This very beautiful experience was very beneficial to me. I managed to appear in front of France, I who come from Madagascar. It was already crazy to be on set for the blind audition, but then there …

From Louane’s “Donne-moi ton cÅ“ur” to “Don’t start now”, you seem to have gained in power on stage. You who sang already before “The Voice”, do you have the feeling to have grown up as an artist?

Of course, I grew up a bit. It’s a totally different universe that I didn’t know at all. I was a bit withdrawn at first. I adapted to the environment and started to open up. The production is very benevolent and really puts us at ease as much as possible. I think what made me grow up is maybe this gain of confidence. We always ask ourselves questions, but I ended up telling myself, over the stages, that it was working. It made me give even more. I hope it shows and gets noticed. I learned new vocal techniques which I started to use at knockouts. It was a bit complicated to change my way of singing overnight. On Dua Lipa, I sang with my guts and my heart.

I really want us to vote because I liked my performance and not because it’s me– Marghe

Your coach Florent Pagny is ecstatic about you. It is he who allowed you to achieve it “confidence building” Who are you talking about?

He has always been very kind to me. He has this simplicity and above all this frankness that I really appreciate. When we rehearsed together, I was happy because he was always up for it when I made proposals to him. It is important this trust between the coach and the talent. It also proves to me that what I propose is not ugly (she laughs).

You have already covered Louane, Aretha Franklin, Nat King Cole… Your musical universe is multiple. What is the Marghe style?

I would say that sensitivity and acoustics represent me enormously. When the time comes, I know that I would like to emphasize the fact that my crossbreeding made me immerse in various musical cultures.

On video

The Voice 2021 – Marghe sings “Nature boy” by Nat King Cole (KO)

Florent Pagny says that you are “a true warrior”. So what kind of song will you be fighting for the live semi-final?

The song I chose was quite revealing, it will really reflect the evolution of my journey. I recognized myself in it as soon as I listened to it for the first time. I think we will discover a new Marghe during the live.

The public will be in control of your destiny next week. Have you already mobilized all your relatives in Poitiers and Madagascar to be able to vote?

I do it little by little. I also see that some are mobilizing alone and it’s really nice (she laughs). I think the Malagasy community is behind me and we believe in it. But I really want us to vote because I liked my performance and not because it’s me.

The goal is the final contract and the record company?

Sure ! I think that’s our goal for all eight of us. But I insist once again. If I have to lose in the semi-finals, I won’t regret a thing. I will even leave with a big smile because I have already won everything.

>> “The Voice 2021”: every Saturday at 9:05 pm on TF1 – find all the videos on the official website of the show

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