Megadeth fans speculate on who their ‘mystery bassist’ is


Yesterday (July 12), a Cameo video surfaced of Dave Mustaine, where the frontman first showed a glimpse of Megadeth’s “mysterious bassist”. While you can’t see the musician’s face in the video, Megadeth fans are speculating on who it might be.

In the video, Mustaine teased fans by turning the camera towards the bassist, who was lying on the floor with his arms above his head. However, in front of him was an Ibanez BTB five-string bass.

Although Mustaine has confirmed that Megadeth will soon reveal who the unidentified bassist is, fans have started to come up with theories online – and one of the main ones says it’s Steve Di Giorgio from Testament and Death.

A user on the Megadeth Reddit posted a thread titled “All signs point to Steve D Giorgio as Megadeth’s new bassist“, which had several clues pointing to this conclusion. One image was a side-by-side image of Di Giorgio holding the same Ibanez bass as the one shown in the Cameo video.

The second is a screenshot of a tweet in Spanish, which reads: “Tonight, before I sleep, I will just say I would like to see the big one. [Steve DiGiorgio] as Megadeth’s bassist, ”as someone translated in the comment section of the thread. Di Giorgio replied, “Me too, son of a bitch,” from his own account.

The third slide in the thread is a screenshot of Di Giorgio responding to tweets posted by pizza company DiGiorno (ha), “Pizza sells … but who buys?” and “Metal is my business … and business is good.”

Upon further investigation, it appears that Di Giorgio frequently tweets about the pizza brand. As in, on a daily basis frequently. But references to Megadeth have since been removed from her account – perhaps to reduce speculation?

See images from the Reddit post below.

Another popular presumption, which is also visible in the comments of that same Reddit thread, is that the bassist is Felipe Andreoli d’Angra, who also uses a similar-looking Ibanez bass. Considering that her former bandmate, Kiko Loureiro, has also been playing guitar for Megadeth in recent years, the close connection makes this another possible guess.

“The guy in the Cameo was definitely Felipe Andreoli,” someone wrote in the thread.

See a photo of an Ibanez BTB five-string bass that Andreoli posted on Twitter below.

Regardless of the bassist, they’ve already re-recorded the bass parts from Megadeth’s new album, which originally featured David Ellefson. Stay tuned for when the band will make the official announcement of who they are.

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