Must-See Anime Sequels Coming Later in 2022

We’re only halfway through the year, and the momentum for upcoming anime releases continues to build. 2022 has been amazing for new releases, from groundbreaking artists like Spy x Family and Tomodachi Game to the expected consequences such as The Rise of the Shield Hero Season 2 and sequel Komi can’t communicate.

Summer is almost here, and with it comes an awesome lineup of new anime. Streaming giants like Netflix already have a massive anime release schedule this year, but the real game changers are the following must-see anime sequels that are sure to break the internet.

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My Hero Academia Season 6

Based on the manga of the same name by Kohei Horikoshi, one of the biggest names in the anime scene returns this year. my hero academia is a shonen masterpiece and stands tall alongside classics like A play, narutoand The attack of the Titans. The anime series will return later this year with its sixth season.

It was announced that my hero academia Season 6 will begin airing in October. Considering how the fifth season ended, the plot of the upcoming season might focus on the “Paranormal Liberation War” arc, which is basically a war between a group of villains and the heroes.

Towards your eternity season 2

A silent voice makes viewers cry a river of tears. So when creator Yoshitoki Oima returned with To your eternityfans couldn’t expect less than the same emotional experience. To your eternity is the story of an immortal being who is on a journey to understand humanity. Fushi takes on various forms throughout the journey until he takes on the appearance of a dying boy. He then travels the world, learning about love, loss, and death in the process.

This series is advised to be watched with a box of tissues, and fans of the first season will stock up when Season 2 begins airing in October.

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Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2

Audiences loved the new take on the romantic comedy that Rent a girlfriend provided. Even though the series is a harem anime, it doesn’t tread a shallow path at all. The series deals with deep elements, controlled drama, and layered characters.

Kazuya Kinoshita’s saga of dating rental girlfriends continues in the highly anticipated follow-up to the series, which will air in July. The series’ official website has released a promotional video and trailer, while the story will likely focus on the budding relationship between Kazuya and Chizuru. Fans can expect the two to find out about their feelings and work out their arrangement to continue in the next episode.

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The devil is part-time! Season 2

After an incredibly long hiatus of nearly a decade, the fan-favorite part-time devil is back. The second season was announced at Kadokawa Corporation’s Light Novel Expo, along with a teaser trailer and visual for the series.

Sadao Maou lost all his powers while escaping to the human world, and now he has to flip burgers to make ends meet. The story will probably continue where it left off. The hugely popular comedy series isekai will begin airing in July.

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