My Hero Academia’s Cliffhanger Teases One For All’s Evolution

My Hero Academia The latest cliffhanger came with a major visual teaser from series creator Kohei Horikoshi: Izuku Midoriya’s One For All power is going through another (final?) stage of evolution. Manga/anime fans expected no less, Deku’s progress with OFA has been one of the main focus of the series. Now that my hero academia has reached its Final War arc, the time for stalls and counterfeits is officially over: Izuku has entered the battlefield to face his rival Tomura Shigaraki and the power of All For One – taking the entirety of One For All with him !


In my hero academia manga chapter 367, Deku finally (finally!) escapes the trap that Himiko Toga dragged him into, when the heroes initially launched their strategy of dividing to better rule against the villains. Even though Izuku gets a helping hand (and a wing) from the “Bros” of the late American hero Star and Stripes – not to mention the collective powers of OFA – he still arrives at the site of the “cage” at UA High School only after Shigaraki devastates a group of Deku’s friends, including Katsuki Bakugo, Rabbit Hero Mirko, Best Jeanist, and the Big 3 (Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki). The site of so many of his friends and/or brightest examples of heroism, all battered and bloodied (and seemingly dead), rocks Izuku to the core – and in Shonen fashion, the emotional trauma spikes his power. like never before!

However, Deku gets too heated from the carnage Shigaraki caused and almost lost control of his power in a new One For All Rage mode that was even scarier than the “Dark Deku” persona he had before the Final War. . However, thanks to Mirio’s connection to Izuku as a friend and role model, the phase-powered hero is able to relate to Deku both literally and figuratively. Lemillion assures Deku that the heroes suffered no permanent losses – including Edgeshot’s Deus Ex Machina backup on Bakugo. It’s when Izuku finally regains his composure that he harnesses the full power of One For All, and we get our first visual glimpse of what the power will be like, fully realized.

In many ways, this is the true Shonen gain of my hero academia: the rise in power over the series which will culminate in this climatic battle. Visuals will be everything and judging by the final manga 367 cover page, it will be worth the wait.

my hero academia is publish new manga chapters free online.

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