Myrne releases new single “Desire” featuring singer-songwriter Joy Alexis

Singaporean producer and DJ MYRNE, fresh off his recent EP ‘Circles’, unveils a brand new single titled ‘Desire’, produced in collaboration with singer-songwriter Joy Alexis.

The collaboration sees MYRNE expand its vision, with not only a singular voice like that of Joy, but with a production inspired by garages. MYRNE’s classic 2-step rhythms form the backbone of the track, but its core is more fleeting than a standard dance floor burner, as it’s taken to emotional heights by Joy’s vocal presence.

“Desire” was drawn from the depths of their individual experiences, exploring the back-and-forth tension that haunts lovers already burdened with indecision.

According to the producer, “Desire” features themes that MYRNE has yet to explore in her own work, which made the collaboration particularly exciting. “It’s really easy to stay in your comfort zone, which is why active collaboration is important,” he says.

It only took MYRNE and Joy Alexis a few hours to write the entire song while filming Majulah Weekender (an eight-part webseries that sees established Singaporean musicians paired with emerging voices). Their relationship was on fire from the start, Joy slipping effortlessly into MYRNE’s electronic world with surprising ease. The joy brought with them a layer of introspection that cuts through the euphoria.

On “Desire”, Joy explains that it’s “about wanting what you can’t have”. “His lyrics are kind of vague and detached, because that’s how I felt at the time.” “It’s not specific, just like how desire can sometimes be quite vague. Wanting people and things is an inherent human condition, and sometimes you can’t identify it.”

Even though the meaning of “Desire” is awash in a haze of unresolved feelings, Joy’s intentions were made crystal clear to MYRNE throughout the process.

“The part where Joy Alexis sings ‘Give Into Your Desire’ resonates with me the most, as the voice turns into that leitmotif you hear in backing vocals,” MYRNE said. “That part came together so well that I keep listening to it on repeat.” The duo worked closely together on the release, from the initial songwriting phase under Majulah Weekender, right through to his artwork.

Joy learned “a lot of new creative techniques for producing, imagining and creating” through the collaboration. But for MYRNE, he took the opportunity to elevate his songwriting skills, explore new thematic avenues, work with an up-and-coming new artist, and even learn a new life lesson.

Listen to the new single here:

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