New Eos Bridge Makes Instruments iOS Compatible

Eos Positioning Systems, the global manufacturer of Arrow series GNSS receivers, has launched Eos Bridge, which allows almost any instrument to become iOS Bluetooth compatible.

Photo: Eos positioning

The Eos Bridge is a small, pocket-sized device that connects to instruments via Bluetooth Classic or a serial port, and transmits data from them to any Apple iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad, Android device or device. Windows mobile.

The Eos Bridge offers two methods of connectivity to nearly hundreds of instruments:

Method 1: Classic Bluetooth to Apple iOS Bluetooth

Instruments equipped with non-iOS Bluetooth can now connect to Apple iOS devices using the Eos Bridge, including laser rangefinders and utility locating instruments.

Method two: serial port to iOS, Android and Windows devices

With the Eos Bridge, instruments whose only connectivity option is a serial port can now be connected to any iOS, Android or Windows device via Bluetooth. This includes any instrument or sensor with an RS-232 serial port, for example.

The Eos Bridge is lightweight, at around 150 grams (around 5.3 ounces). It can be worn strapped to a belt, stored in a pocket, or mounted on an instrument or sensor. The battery lasts 48-72 hours.

The Eos Bridge extends potential pairings of existing instruments and sensors by making them Bluetooth compatible with modern mobile devices and Arrow GNSS receivers. Two immediate applications for current Arrow GNSS users include Eos Laser Mapping for collecting ArcGIS offset data and Eos Locate for ArcGIS for mapping underground utilities. Both solutions are available on iOS.

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