No Rome on Debut Album “It’s All Smiles”: “I’m Obsessed With Crazy Sound Design, Textures & Details” | New

Scheduled for a December 3 release via Dirty Hit, No Rome has announced their highly anticipated debut album “It’s All Smiles”, also sharing their debut single “When She Comes Around”.

“I made this song after watching Bjork’s live version of his album Vespertine and wanted to do a song that was heavy on the strings, but after days of working on it, I finally took it to a song more guitar-oriented, ”he says of the track. “I sent this song to BJ and he came back with something a lot more than I expected, with more textures and louder bass sounds and just better structure really and we got into it. crazy. “

His highly anticipated debut was co-produced by Rome with BJ Burton (Kanye West, Bon Iver, Charli XCX) and George Daniel (The 1975), showing off his self-invented style of “R&B shoe gaze”.

We sent a few questions to Rome to find out more!

Hi Rome, how are you?
I’m fine, thanks, I’m just drinking orange juice.

Your first album, ‘It’s All Smiles’ is finally almost here! How are you?
A little fizzy but I’m excited. finally nice to release it now that we’ve been working on it for a while.

When did you start working on the record? Did you have any idea what you wanted to explore for your debut before this or was it a fairly open process?
I’ve been doing my album for a long time now, but I guess 2020 was where it made sense to sit down and finish it. Some songs were from 2019 and a melody and song lyrics were from 2016 or something. I wanted to capture everything that currently inspires me and just the natural inspiration of the music that I grew up listening to.

There are some really interesting production elements in all of the songs. Can you tell us about that?
I’m obsessed with sound design, textures, and crazy details, but I also don’t know what I’m doing most of the time. Meeting BJ & Sachi and having George’s help really helped me get the sound where I wanted it to be and sound the way it is now. We spent a whole year working remotely. I was stuck in the Philippines and FaceTiming for hours on end talking about ideas and sending each other rods and so on.

Did the time spent away from concerts give you extra time to develop methods?
Ah yes, for sure. [It] just gives you full time to live life and just write music and really learn about yourself and others.

What were the highlights of his writing?
There are a lot of personal moments that inspired the album, so yeah, the shit I went through around that time and just being in a pandemic and writing that shit was pretty crazy.

You’ve always loved a collaboration (“Spinning” with Charli XCX and Matty Healy, “1:45” with Bearface from Brockhampton), can we expect any features on the record?
Yes, I really enjoy working with artists I have great respect for and who really appreciate their craft, but no characteristics on the record – just me.

How does ‘It’s All Smiles’ compare to your previous projects?
It’s a warped record!

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