ONE WORD: The guessing game holds its breath as the Arkansans ponder the clues

Welcome to the little game that invites us to think twice about common words.

If you thought the April 25 word was “basic,” you were right. It was sure. And yes, I used it in the online title. No, it’s not against the rules. I make the rules, and I say it’s fine. I like that it added another level of doubt.

The goal of this game is to give you a taste of recognizing a very easy word through a cloud of obscuration.

This week’s word is even more basic, but the way.

Noun, adjective and/or verb, this word has three letters. In American English, the third letter of this word is usually labialized at the beginning of words but not at the end.

? …? …?

Already have it? Nope? Then I’ll give you more clues.

The word means…

◼️ Behavior conveying haughty self-esteem.

◼️ An elastic mixture of nitrogen gas, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, neon, helium and/or other gases through which radio waves are transmitted.

◼️ To expose to the external elements, said bedding.

◼️ The main melody in a harmonized musical composition.

◼️ To inflate.

◼️ To broadcast on radio or TV.

◼️ The environment in which aerosols travel.

I’ll print the answer on May 9, but email if you want an affirmation today.


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