Popular manga site issues ‘Unethical’ content restrictions

It seems that another popular manga site is under fire from critics. Earlier today, the Pixiv team piqued curiosity by announcing an update to its terms of service. According to the statement, the website has warned a number of users that they are violating its brand protection policy for map networks, and it is placing restrictions on purchasing content “contrary to ethics “.

Pixiv specifically noted that its BOOTH, pixivFANBOX, and pixiv Request services violate its terms. It alleges banned content was sold through the site, so restrictions against such transactions will begin on December 15. Today, users were asked to remove any such content from their pages or set it to private. And as for what Pixiv considers prohibited, this includes but is not limited to the following: sexual exploitation of a minor, incest, bestiality, rape (or any other non-consensual sexual behavior) and “the non-consensual mutilation of a person or body part.”

What is Pixiv?

If you’re unfamiliar with Pixiv, the platform is big on anime and manga artists. The website started in 2007 in Tokyo and had 50 million users as of April 2020. With 3.7 billion page views per month, Pixiv is a go-to place for budding artists to get their work noticed. From original pieces to fan-art homages, Pixiv has it all, and a number of mangakas have contributed to its catalog.

This new ad is dominating the conversation on Pixiv, and it’s far from the only controversy the site has handled. In fact, the site was sued in May when a transgender woman filed a sexual harassment complaint against Pixiv and her boss. The case prompted many transgender employees to come forward with their own experiences of harassment. The website later released a statement acknowledging the situation and confirming that the defendant in the lawsuit was demoted in 2019. Other controversies at Pixiv include a 2018 lawsuit of idol group Niji no Conquistador and alleged collaboration with the modern art group Chaos Lounge.

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