Queen Sofia succeeds the kings with a musical rendezvous and a nod to Don Juan Carlos

Friday concert for the Queen Sofia. Felipe VI’s mother traveled to the city of Mérida, where she presided over the inauguration of a new edition of the Classical Theater Festival in the city of Extremadura. A very important appointment for the mother of Felipe VI, since an extraordinary concert was given by the Freixenet Symphony Orchestra of the Superior School of Music which bears her name.

the the function was developed in the local Roman theater, where they were interpreted Symphonies by Brahms and Schumann. The appointment is also one of the acts included in the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the music school. On this occasion, Doña Sofía attended alone, but different authorities participated. Felipe VI’s mother opted for a flattering style that consisted of a black satin jumpsuit with a floral print. The -black- mask was not lacking, since it is only this Saturday, June 26, when it is no longer compulsory outside as long as the safety distance can be maintained. In addition, it must be remembered that the “look” that Doña Sofía wore corresponds to one of the last that she wore during an official ceremony with Don Juan Carlos when they appeared in Sangenjo -Galice-. One of his favorite dates every summer, so this time the style of King Felipe VI’s mother took a bigger place due to the nod he gave to the King Emeritus.

Doña Sofía in the Mérida theater with a ‘look’ made up of a black jumpsuit with a floral print./Twitter Casa Real

Last year, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia attended the inauguration of the Classical theater festival, barely a month after the end of the state of alert and as a measure to support culture. They did it with Princess Leonor and the Infanta Sofía who, in principle, were not announced on the agenda. The director of the festival, Jesús Cimarro, wished to underline the support of the Royal House to the theatrical competition for the second consecutive year.

Los Reyes and their daughters last year in the city of Mérida / Gtres

While the kings and their daughters spent a night in Mérida and also visited the National Museum of Roman Art, there is not much information about Doña Sofía’s program. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia with their daughters attended the premiere of ‘Antígona’, but in this case the performances start next Wednesday.

This is the second time this week that Queen Sofia has participated in a musical evening, since last Tuesday she chaired in Madrid the closing ceremony and the concert of the academic year 2020-2021 of the same institution. To all this, we must add that a few weeks ago, the wife of King Juan Carlos also attended a very special concert in her native country, given by her friend. Zubin Mehta and in the company of his brothers.

No other royals attended the event. / Twitter Casa Real
No other royals attended the event. / Twitter Casa Real

Despite the fact that this week the Queen has had a very busy schedule within the activities of the House of HM the King, it is not expected that she will maintain this pace for the next few days. The one that seems to be back on the agenda is Infanta Elena, who will participate in an awards ceremony at the Palacio de El Pardo next Tuesday. An important appointment for the Duchess of Lugo, since she has always been responsible for representing the institution in this act.

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