Real Thing – Lights ft. Elohim

Lights are back with their new single, Real Thing, which is a fun piece of slow R&B jams with a mix of 80s instrumentals.

The world fell in love with the 80s production all over again. Although the root is debatable, with many agreeing that The Weeknd was a huge force in bringing that particular sound back, the impact of such a comeback is carried over to modern pop. Lights takes these sounds and finds a way to make them an addition rather than a focus. One of the reasons it doesn’t feel so much in the spotlight is mainly due to the modern songwriting and production, coupled with the blend of old school synthesizers, drums and bass with R&B elements. modern. Arpeggiated keys, cheesy bloopy synth lines and distorted drums are all key to this very distinctive sound.

Although the sounds are quite captivating, as mentioned above, they are not the focus of this song. The lights and vocals of Elohim are absolutely gorgeous in this track, gently hovering over the instrumentation in blissful melodies. They find ways to convey many words without being intrusive to the instrumentation, which is partly due to the slow feel of the groove and the talents of the two singers. The chorus is particularly catchy, with the ending melody in the bridge sounding like an arena chant without sounding so pop-arena. It leads into the final chorus, filled with floating keys, light harmonies, and plenty of ad libs to keep the music interesting.

“Real Thing” doesn’t feel like a breakthrough, although it feels very new in many ways. The way he mixes that 80s tone with modern ideas and production is really fun to listen to. More so, the two singers do an absolutely incredible job of conveying a cold palette while the bass and drums groove quite hard. It’s a wonderful return for Lights, and promises great things in the future for the artist.

Author: Nicolas Gaudet

Music producer and writer from Dieppe, Canada.

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