Reviews | Is Biden showing undertones of Trump?

“It was the longest day of the year and the Irish Sea had a metallic tint. The waves were tiny but insistent, like uncooperative children. It’s a passage from DT Max recent profile of the writer Colm Toibin in The New Yorker. (Thanks to Irma Wolfson of Irvine, Calif., For her nomination.)

Toibin’s new novel, “The Magician,” about writer Thomas Mann, was recently commented on in The Times by Jay Parini, who had this to say about the book’s protagonist: “What he dreamed of, most of the time , they were beautiful young men. To say that Mann was locked up is an understatement. His homoeroticism had many abodes, and he roamed their halls in his dreams with impunity. (Nancy Trout, West Hartford, Connecticut)

This is Jason Gay, in The Wall Street Journal, about Russian tennis champion Daniil Medvedev: “A collection of wonderfully unorthodox 6-foot-6 arms, legs and kicks, Medvedev swinging over the end line can look like someone at a picnic that chases away flies. (Jane Jones, Winchester, Massachusetts)

In the Boston Globe, Scot Lehigh recorded on the efforts of Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow and Donald Trump’s comforter, to sell Trump’s corrupt electoral lie and noted that Lindell “has been laughed at by hosting a three-day symposium that even his own pundits have conceded did not establish exactly anything. Nothing, that is, beyond this axiom: you can take an impressionable foam pillow under a nutty noggin, but you cannot remove the fluffy foam from inside a pitchman’s mad skull. pixelated. (Len Coppola, Gilford, New Hampshire)

George Will, in the Washington Post, is a reliable vein of glittering prose, such as that: “New technologies – cable TV, the Internet, social media – produce a blitzkrieg of words, written and spoken. The words spoken are often shouted by overheated individuals who obviously believe that the lungs are the seat of wisdom. (Stella Deacon, Toronto)

In The Times, Binyamin Applebaum summed up a certain subset of capitalists thus: “At the moment, the people who use Bitcoin are basically a bunch of cosplay libertarians participating in a make-believe game on the playgrounds of the world. State nanny. (Bruce Falstein, Santa Barbara, Calif., Among others.)

Bret Stephens wrote: “It is no accident that Trump’s favorite medium was Twitter: the medium is perfect for people who think with spasms, speak with growls, speak with insults and greet with spasms. hashtags. (Susan Preston, Chapel Hill, NC, and Vicki Shaw, Spring Grove, PA, among others.)

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