Sault Ste. Marie News: Symphonic concert for children

The Sault Symphony Orchestra is launching what it hopes will be a new series of concerts aimed at children. Organizers are looking to get more children interested in classical music, which they say can be beneficial for developing young minds.

The BYO-Baby Kids Concert is designed as a way for young children and their parents to enjoy an afternoon of classical music, in the hopes that it will help children channel their inner artist.

Anya Mallinger, the concert organizer, says music plays an important role in brain development.

“There are many tests to confirm that studying an instrument, listening to music is helpful for cognitive abilities,” Mallinger said. “And it’s such a nice way to grow your brain.”

The children were able to discover the different instruments up close. And unlike your typical evening at the symphony orchestra, the kids were encouraged to move around while enjoying the music.

“I inherited my love of classical music from my father who played it when I was a child,” said Louis St. Pierre, Chairman of the Board of SSO. “I think it’s really important to start (early), and I think the love of any type of music, and classical is as good as any.”

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