Seattle Teachers Union Passes Pro-BDS Resolution, Endorses “Deadly Exchange” Defamation

A march by members and supporters of the Seattle Education Association teachers’ union. Photo: Twitter.

The Seattle Teachers Union passed a resolution last week endorsing the anti-Semitic BDS movement against Israel and demanding an end to the Seattle Police Department’s collaboration with Israel.

Jewish human rights group Simon Wiesenthal Center was quick to condemn the union’s decision.

“Watch out for all the BDSers of the American teachers’ unions. Make sure you offload all of the Israeli technology from your iPhones and computers, ”Associate Dean Abraham Cooper said. “Remember to tell your health care providers to make sure your medications and diagnoses are free from the Jewish state. “

Emma Klein, an anti-Israel Jewish activist and member of the Seattle Education Association, told Mondoweiss, a news site often accused of peddling anti-Semitism, that the move was “a bold and vocal stand against it.” injustice ”.

Another member, US-Palestinian Cameron Payne, said: “I hope this mobilization continues, because for us, this is just the beginning.

The condemnation of the law enforcement collaboration is based on the widely discredited “lethal exchange” conspiracy theory, which falsely claims that Israel is teaching US police officers to hurt and kill people of color.

The collaboration between Israeli and American law enforcement mainly involves counterterrorism tactics and management issues. Israel does not teach street arrest techniques.

The Seattle resolution said it was modeled after a similar resolution passed in May by the United Educators of San Francisco.

the Jewish News from Northern California spoke with a parent from the San Francisco Unified School District who said she felt “fear” and “outrage” over the resolution.

“I regret sending my children to SFUSD. We deliberately wanted them to be exposed to racial diversity and socio-economic diversity. And now I feel like my race and nation are being singled out in a negative way. It’s uncomfortable being an Israeli here, ”she said.

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