Slipknot + Mashup “I Will Survive” imagines a Corey Taylor nightclub

Slipknot and nightclub? It’s hard to imagine that these two words have ever been brought together before.

Yet an inventive online creator recently took over the voice of Slipknot. .5: The Gray Chapter single “The Devil in I” and mixed them with Gloria gaynorThe 1978 disco hit “I Will Survive” created a mashup that imagines Slipknot’s Corey Taylor as an angry disco singer. Can you dig it?

After all, it seems Slipknot’s songs are often turned into pop mashups by fans of the masked metal band – it’s almost as if the band’s tunes lend themselves to such rearrangements. To this end, the “Devil Will Survive” mashup from user SoundCloud DYNAMIC is a prime example.

The creator even pushes the project a little further by evoking the imaginary performer who would sing “Devil Will Survive” for what would surely be a group of fascinated listeners. Calling makeup artist “Coria Taynor”, a coat rack named after Taylor and Gaynor, the digital mashup cover overlays the towering stage mask of Slipknot Mick Thomson guitar over a photo of Gaynor’s face.

Slipknot’s latest album, We are not your type, was released in 2019. Currently, the band is preparing to leave for their first concert tour since the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to stop touring in 2020. Last month, Slipknot percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan said the group is aiming to have a new album released this year; the percussionist has also released several solo songs in recent times.

Listen to the Slipknot and Gaynor mashup below.

“Devil Will Survive” Slipknot + Gloria Gaynor Disco Mashup

Slipknot, “The Devil in Me”

Gloria Gaynor, “I will survive”

Every Slipknot song ranked

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