Star Wars reveals tragic fate of Jedi leaving Order

In Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures – The Monster of Temple Peak # 2, former Jedi Padawan Ty Yorrick does not use the Force to save a girl.

The last Star wars The comedic miniseries have yet to reveal why Ty yorrick left on Jedi Ordered to become a monster hunter during the High Republic era, but the aftermath of her departure is tragically unfolded when Ty fails to save the life of a young girl who attacked her. The former Padawan suffers the consequences of the end of her training in the last issue of Star Wars: Adventures of the High Republic – The Temple Peak Monster.

The ailments plaguing the hapless girl before her untimely death only shame Ty in the way the incident unfolds. Named Pela, Ty’s assailant ceases to be sane when vapors from a Rhydon beast damage her vocal cords, rendering her mute. Pela accidentally attacked Ty earlier when the former Jedi Padawan set foot on Loreth to rid the Moof-Rancher colony of their Gretalax problem. Pela later resumes his assault on Ty in the middle of the night, a scuffle that results in Pela falling off a cliff into Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures – The Temple Peak Monster # 2 by writer Cavan Scott and artist Rachael Stott.

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Not wanting Pela to die, Ty calls on the Force to stop her fall. This turns out to be successful because the girl’s descent stops immediately, but when the Monster Hunter again attempts to use the Force to lift Pela up towards her outstretched hand, she begins to struggle. And when an image of Ty’s former friend Padawan suddenly materializes in his mind, Ty loses his focus, causing him to relinquish his hold on the Force and Pela to fall into ruin. It is not known if Ty would have managed to get hold of Pela if the image of his friend Padawan Klias had not appeared in his head.

What makes the unpleasant situation all the more tragic is that Ty’s exit from the Jedi Order (and his subsequent rejection of the Force) appears to have been the result of the aforementioned Klias, who clearly had a negative influence. on her. In his flashbacks, Klias causes trouble for a less than enthusiastic Ty by essentially raiding a so-called Yallow Shrine without permission from their superiors to help the Jedi understand how the Dark Side works and seduces people. Knowing both the many potential drawbacks of involving the Dark Side and the eventual expulsion of Ty from the Jedi Order, it is clear that the incident did not end well and was quite possibly the primary factor. having contributed to the departure of Ty. If it hadn’t been for Klias’ meddling and Ty’s inability to stand up to her, she probably would have become a Jedi Knight and could have kept people like Pela from dying.

What Ty is experimenting with and trying to exploit are techniques that Padawans learn from a young age. In fact, Yoda tries to teach Luke Skywalker them during the time of the Young Jedi on Dagobah. Luke cannot use the Force to pull his X-Wing out of the swamp, just like Ty cannot prevent Pela from falling. He also cannot concentrate when images from the future enter his mind, causing the rocks he was keeping afloat to fall and Yoda to fall. It sounds a lot like how Klias’ face breaks Ty’s connection to the Force. Fortunately, Luke isn’t in a life and death situation like Ty. But he runs away prematurely to confront Vader before he finishes training, much like how Ty yorrick left the Jedi Order before becoming a Jedi Knight. Both examples reveal why it is crucial for the Padawans to complete their Jedi training in Star wars, because it could mean life or death.

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