Talk About The Devils Podcast Sitdown Series: Ray Anderson

It has been an eventful year for Sun Devil Athletics. The ongoing pandemic, NIL, the transfer portal, big wins, an NCAA investigation, the playoffs and vocal fan discontent have kept ASU athletic director Ray Anderson’s plate full. In this episode, Anderson digs deeper into ASU’s NIL strategy, the state of the NCAA investigation, major wins over Arizona, critical Pac-12 and NCAA issues, upcoming major changes in college sports, And much more.


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Recent episodes of the Sitdown series

Defensive Line Coach Robert Rodriguez: We discuss his lineman squad, how NIL and the Portal changed coaching, recruiting, his evolution as a coach, and more.

Defensive Coordinator Donnie Henderson: We discuss Edwards’ new tenure as DC, why he returned, regimen changes, returning and new personnel, spring training goals, and more.

Offensive coordinator Glenn Thomas: We discuss why he took the job, outline, philosophy, play calls, QBs, revitalizing the passing game and much more.

Defensive Backs Coach Aaron Fletcher: We discuss his coaching journey, influences and philosophies, DB play in an offensive era, Devils DB of 2022 and much more.

Head Coach Herm Edwards: We dive into the issues of the 2021 season, his staff turnover, recruiting issues, the evolution of the 2022 team, the impact of the NCAA investigation on the program and his legacy, and much more.

Defensive Lineman BJ Green: The leader-turned-bag leader discusses his impressive freshman year, why he passed up scholarship offers to roam around the country, robotics, and more.

Inside Sun Devil Sports Medicine: Dr. Anikar Chhabra and Dr. Joanne Vogel give you insight into the holistic approach ASU takes to the well-being and recovery of its student-athletes.

Charli Turner Thorne, Women’s Basketball Head Coach: On the eve of her 25th season at the helm, CTT discusses her motivations, lessons from the COVID year, importance of mental health, exciting new players and experienced revenants, expectations and much more.

Assistant basketball coach Joel Justus: ASU’s new coach talks about his time in Kentucky, learning from John Calipari, coaching with Bobby Hurley and more.

Guard Marreon Jackson: The reigning MAC Player of the Year talks about his road to Tempe, his better life through hoops, and more.

Forward Kimani Lawrence: The veteran explains why he came back, the value of loyalty, being a positive role model, what went wrong last year, the influx of new talent and much more.

Hall of Famer DB Mike Haynes: Haynes discusses his unlikely road to ASU, tough love for Frank Kush, the desire he had to play WR, his favorite memories as Sun Devil, his job today helping the players get out of the game, raise awareness about healthy living, and more.

Offensive Line Coach Mike Cavanaugh: We discuss his long career, why he came to Tempe, technique for the trenches, ASU line composition, adapting to the scheme, recruiting and more Again.

Hall of Fame Safety David Fulcher: The legend talks about his illustrious Sun Devil career, what his entry into the Hall of Fame means, his charity work, his time with the Bengals, his views on Herm Edwards and the current Sun Devils, and more. .

Athletic Director Ray Anderson: We discuss the status of his key programs, the impact of the pandemic on ASU and will continue to do so in the future, fan involvement this fall, how the image and likeness of name and transfer rules will change college sports, critical issues facing the Pac-12 and more.

Wide Receiver Ricky Pearsall: The Homegrown Product Discusses His Development, Relationship With QB Jayden Daniels, The Pressure And Reward Of Being A Homegrown Player, And More.

Linebackers coach Chris Claiborne: We discuss why he came to ASU, Southern California’s recruiting dynamics, linebackers of 2021, his coaching aspirations and influences, impressions spring balloon and much more.

Head Coach Herm Edwards: We cover the lasting impact of the COVID year, the struggles of local recruitment, developing a staff and mentoring Antonio Pierce, whether 2021 is a breakthrough season, his desired legacy and more Again.

Safety Aashari Crosswell: Crosswell reflects on the road he’s traveled, mistakes made and lessons learned, why he entered the NFL Draft and more.

Safety Evan Fields: Fields explains why he came back, his desire to run for the roses, what it’s like to deliver a big hit, next steps for the Sun Devil defense and more.

Football consultant Donnie Henderson: We discuss lessons learned from his long career, helping Bruce Snyder build a Rose Bowl team in Tempe, being Herm Edwards’ DC in New York, Herm’s swear-free swearing, 2021 high school charged with ASU and more.

Wide Receivers Coach Prentice Gill: We discuss WR development, recruiting, demand and why he stays, NUL impact, portal, first year lessons and much more.

Defensive Line Coach Robert Rodriguez: We discuss the challenges and lessons of the first year, how he instilled NFL techniques and approaches in his players, recruiting the right players, and much more.

Defensive backs coach Chris Hawkins: We discuss his first year as a position coach, how recruiting went, how he retained his senior stars, navigating the transfer portal, and more Moreover.

Cornerback Chase Lucas: We discuss the evolution he’s seen in the program, the new defense, a bold bet with Frank Darby, the legacy he wants to leave behind and much more.

Point Guard Remy Martin: We discuss his flirtation with the NBA and why he came back, the heavy field, the weight of expectations, his legacy and much more.

Wide Receiver Frank Darby: We discuss his maturing, going from Z to X, drinking sweet tea, “Captain Swole” and more.

Offensive assistant Adam Breneman: We discuss the process of revitalizing the tight end position, the ins and outs of ASU recruiting, the challenges of the offseason and ramping up the season and much more.

Point Guard Holland Woods: We discuss his basketball origin story, his time as a Viking, what led to him being traded and how a phone call changed everything, from his form in a deep rear area and much more.

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