Teenage Engineering’s small portable TX-6 mixer offers an instrument tuner

Teenage Engineering has a reputation for surprisingly fancy devices, and that apparently extends to making music on the go. The company has introduced a TX-6 mixer that’s not only small enough to fit in your hand, but includes more than you might expect from some decidedly larger counterparts. It includes an instrument tuner, for starters, as well as built-in synth, digital effect, drum machine, and sequencer functions. It’s billed as the professional portable 32-bit, 48kHz mixer with this level of capability – a niche claim, of course, but worth noting if you like to take your studio with you.

You can control the TX-6 via USB-C via external MIDI devices or iOS hardware. You’ll also find six stereo inputs, two outputs, a headphone jack and Bluetooth. While the screen is unsurprisingly a very small 48×64 monochrome panel, the sacrifice might be worth it when Teenage Engineering claims you’ll get eight hours of battery life. You can even use the TX-6 as an ultra-compact DJ mixer by turning it sideways.

The TX-6 is available now for $1,199. That’s a lot to spend on such a small mixer and it’s easy to find mini mixers from Behringer, Yamaha and others with control and port combos that may be more to your liking. The sheer variety of features might prove enticing, though, and it’s hard to deny that Teenage Engineering’s signature design could make the difference.

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