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“If you use your voice in a positive way for just one other person, then you will have an impact on the world forever. “

Sing Like Never Before: A Creative Look at Vocal Technique and Pedagogy for Singers and Singing Teachers ($ 49.95) by Justin Stoney and Illustrator Mark Pate is a fabulous creative book for singers or anyone who wants just sing along. toney is the founder of New York Vocal Coaching and an award-winning author. It reminds the reader that dedicated practice and positive attitudes can compensate for a multitude of real or perceived deficits.

The graphic images focus on the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of the singer’s profession. It starts with the basics such as using your diaphragm and reminds the reader that breathing is the singer’s deepest power.

Techniques, resonance, posture, tongue, jaw and mouth, vocal health, organs related to singing, performance, etc. are approached and discussed in a simple and comprehensive, fun and easy way.

Pate’s illustrations keep the reader drawn to what Stoney is saying. I highly recommend it to young singers as well as professionals. The book keeps it on an individual level by discussing needs, challenges, wishes, and a spiritual connection that eliminates any perceived fear.

This book received the 2021 Eric Hoffer Grand Prix.

12This book is so worth its price and your time. You’ll feel like it’s a lifetime of singing lessons with a pro.

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